CVIM Battle of the Minds Uses Meridia’s Voting Keypads

CVIM Battle of the Minds Logo

The Battle of the Minds is The Centre Volunteers in Medicine’s signature fundraising event, where participants gather for a gala dinner with a twist; each table participates in a fast-paced trivia game show!
With the help of Meridia’s voting keypads and PowerPoint plugin software, the CVIM was able to make the Battle of the Minds trivia game show fully interactive with a dynamically updating leaderboard.

Jimmy Fallon’s “WeTweet” Segment Uses Meridia Custom Clicker Voting System

Jimmy Fallon with Voting Keypad

In their new faced-paced segment, WeTweet, Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show teamed up with Meridia to engage their audience with custom EZ-VOTE keypads. With three simple options, “Yes, No, or Abstain,” and the ability to count votes automatically, the system was a breeze to use for Jimmy and everyone involved.

Chicago City Council Purchased an Electronic Voting System – How Does it Stack Up?

Chicago Council Electronic Voting

Chicago City Council finally decided to purchase an electronic voting system for $500,000, they were aiming to simplify, speed up and organize their voting process and bring it to the 21st century. Let’s see how their voting system compares to what Meridia offers.

The Importance of Haptic Feedback for Visually-Impaired Audiences

ADA Compliant Badge Logo

Meridia’s software and hardware serves a wide array of public – including those with visual impairment.  For those who have color-blindness, are hard-of-seeing or legally blind, voting on important issues in their community can be difficult using electronic devices.

We have worked with our clients and developed a keypad that not only gives the user haptic feedback they need in order to know whether they are pushing an actual button, but also provides a Braille symbol for Yes, No, and Abstain vote. Plus, it makes a sound when you push the button, so you know you voted.

New, Lower CloudVOTE Maintenance Plans Pricing

CloudVOTE Logo Blue Large

We are lowering the price of our CloudVOTE Maintenance Plan. Say hello to two new plans- Business and Government & Non-Profit. The price has been lowered to $695/year for Business and $495/year for Gov’t & Non-Profit. As always, you only have to pay for your Meridia voting clickers once – but the Maintenance Plan keeps your software up-to-date and support flowing.

Live! Casino & Hotel “Winner Takes All” Cutthroat Game

Winner Takes All Logo

When the Live! Casino & Hotel came to us with a request to use the clickers as a method to play a cutthroat, “Winner Takes All” game at their property in Philly, we didn’t hesitate for a minute. The first game took place on November 20, 2021 and the second on February 19, 2022.

With each successive round promising a higher cash prize at the risk of going home with nothing, the stakes were high as the entire game was controlled through Meridia’s voting software and keypads.

Eastern PA Youth Soccer Association Used Meridia’s Weighted Voting

Eastern PA Youth Soccer Association (EPYSA) hired Meridia to provide electronic voting services with weighted voting for their February 27th business meeting in Plymouth Meeting, PA.
Since the event was fully virtual, all the voting had to happen remotely, via our CloudVOTE service.

Meridia Supports NY Democratic Party Convention with Their Advanced Voting System

New York State Democratic Convention

NY State Democratic Party owns a 300-keypad electronic voting system from Meridia Interactive Solutions that allows them to compile weighted votes from each delegate, their proxies, and visually display the voting process in real time. For their Party Convention on February 17th, Meridia also provided expert on-site technical support at the New York’s Sheraton Time Square Hotel as the stakes were high in nominating the Party’s candidate for the New York Governor.

“Billionaire” Game Show with an Educational Twist

When Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation reached out to us about their upcoming game show and the need to integrate audience clickers into the meeting program, we were ready. We’ve done similar programs for two other NY Jewish communities that needed a fun, engaging and memorable game show experience.