Trainee Response Systems

Learner Engagement. Training Verification. Compliance Documentation.

What is a Trainee Response System

Trainee response systems are educational tools that allow trainers and educators to gather feedback from their participants in real time.

Your PowerPoint slide decks can contain all of your course material, embedded videos, images, and quiz questions. Learners answer interactive questions with response devices often referred to as “classroom clickers”. The group’s responses are instantly collected and displayed in a graphical form for discussion.

EZ-VOTE-10 Audience Response Keypads
Owner of a 25-keypad EZ-VOTE 10 system

We have been using the Meridia response system for almost 1 year. We have had patients become more involved with educational programs and actually have fun during the voting and review. The program encourages more dialogue between instructor and class participants. We love using it.

Dolores Vasquez
Healthy Start Director
Robeson Health Care Corporation

Why Use a Trainee Response System

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    Evaluate Participant Knowledge
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    Gauge Training Effectiveness
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    Locate Problem Areas in Training
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    Present Real World Situations
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    Quiz, Test and Grade
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    Increase Knowledge Retention
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    Reinforce Key Issues
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    Document Attendance

Who Uses Trainee Response Systems

From safety & compliance training, to ethics, sexual harassment and other professional training, to math quizzes and team games, trainee response systems provide the ability to almost instantly evaluate your audience, and automatically report on a single, or multiple aggregate sessions.
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Integrated Training Management System

With CloudVOTE, your content can be managed centrally from the cloud, assigned to individual trainers and synced to the desktop app for offline polling during the instructor-led training sessions.

All sessions conducted in all of your locations will be synced and reporting will be aggregated automatically, so you don’t have to do any data merge before syncing it nightly to your Learning Management System (LMS).

Real-Time Feedback
Trainee Response Devices
Course Creation
PowerPoint-Driven. Cloud-Enabled.

How Does It Work

Creating & Presenting

Course content is created in PowerPoint and trainees use wireless clickers, or mobile devices to respond to questions and quizzes.

Trainer can capture feedback from their audience using PowerPoint, Prezi, or video presentations, play interactive team games, and create a hybrid audience with clickers and smartphones, if needed.

Management & Distribution

Question slides contained within the presentation will be automatically recognized upon import to the CloudVOTE Training Management System.

Presenter reviews slides for accuracy and consistency, configures the Template settings and can share content with others in the organization, making sure that only the assigned staff has access to specific training materials.

Supported Teaching Methodologies

Adaptive Learning
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Interactive Instruction
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Peer Instruction
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Flipped Classroom
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Socratic Questioning
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Agile Learning
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