Electronic Voting for Churches and Religious Organizations

Electronic Voting for Churches and Religious Organizations

Free Software. Affordable Hardware. Optional Maintenance Plan.

Automatically Recognize Simple Majority vs. 2/3 Majority Votes.

Instantly Pass/Fail Finance Reports, Resolutions, Grants.

Speed Up Officer and Delegate Elections.

Designed with Feedback from U.S. and NH House of Representatives.

Used by Hundreds of Churches, Towns, Cities, Associations, Tribes and Other Small & Medium Government Bodies

Eastern District of the Lutheran Church, Episcopal Diocese of Philadelphia, Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh, and other religious organizations use wireless electronic voting system to streamline their elections, or voting on grants and financial reports.

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Lutheran Church LWML Eastern District
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Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh
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Churches of God - Eastern Regional Conference
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“The main factor was how quickly it was to get the results of each vote since it was done electronically. This was the first time doing it in that manner so instead of taking two full days going past 6pm, we were done in one day before 5.”

-– Daniel Chaves, N.C. Conference of the Pentecostal Holiness Church

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Anonymous or Identifiable

You decide if you want to see how each person voted, or if you need the vote to be completely anonymous. We can advise on the best way to do the keypad registration and distribution to ensure a smooth process.

Consolidate the two Aye/Nay votes into a single one and get an accurate vote count in seconds. After the vote is closed, instantly see whether it passed or failed, depending on your required majority rule.

Identified Voting - Instant Vote Pass Fail Summary
TownVOTE can provide a visual record of every individual's vote if needed. Results can be shown in real time, or after the vote is closed.
Anonymous Voting - No Grid Motion Passed
Show just the summary of the Motion, Subtotals and Totals and an instant Pass/Fail status after the vote is closed.

“Today was an absolute dream! We had 30 nominees and had to pick 27 of them using the clickers. What normally takes hours on paper, took 45 minutes with the clickers!  We can’t thank you enough!”

-– Colleen Gross, Director of Pastoral Family Health, Churches of God

Churches of God - Eastern Regional Conference

Churches of God Eastern Regional Conference Streamline their April Meeting With Electronic Voting.

Latest Events

These are just a few pictures of the latest events we did with our clients at their conferences.

Weighted & Proxy Voting

Weighted voting can be easily configured so that each delegate carrying proxies with them have the right amount of voting power at the time of the vote.

The TownVOTE system can connect in real time to a registration system and get the most up-to-date information about the delegate body just before the voting starts.

Weighted Vote Participant List

Prevent 'Herd Mentality'

Avoid having someone ‘steer’ the vote in one direction. Hiding the individual results and subtotals until the vote is closed.

Encourage honest and more complete vote by making the vote anonymous.

Instantly see whether the vote passed or failed taking your majority calculation into account.

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TownVOTE Anonymous Voting Grid - Votes Hidden
You can choose to only show that a keypad voted, but don't show who it is and how they voted. Click for a larger image.

Lutheran Women’s Missionary League Successfully Implements TownVOTE Software and Keypads During Their June 11th Meeting.

Many Ways to Connect

With Meridia electronic voting systems, you can use clickers,  mobile devices (any device with a web browser), or combine both in a hybrid session. You can run a live, real-time session, or schedule the voting and elections over a period of time and let everyone attend at their convenience.

Real-Time Meetings - In-Person. Virtual. Hybrid.

House of Representatives - Committee on Natural Resources Custom Response Keypad

Use clickers in an in-person, live meeting, or allow for a hybrid format with your constituents connecting from around the world via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or WebEx.

Face-to-face meetings are the best and the simplicity of the keypad cannot be beat. But if you must, you are able to invite your virtual attendees to participate in the session as well. They will log in via our CloudVOTE portal, securely authenticate and cast their ballot as if they were in the room with the rest of the group.

Scheduled. Self-Paced Voting & Elections.

CloudVOTE Self-Paced Voting & Election Survey

Sometimes you need to leave the voting open for longer period of time, so that everyone can have a chance to cast their ballot.

Our CloudVOTE system allows the voter to securely log in and answer the questions on the ballot at their own pace. Set up your ballot questions as a presentation, upload it to CloudVOTE, create a list of authorized participants and sit back until it’s time to collect the results.

How Does Self-Paced Voting and Elections Work?

Create Voting/Election Content

Create Voting Slideshow Content in PowerPoint

Create your content easily in PowerPoint. This way, you can get creative and make it informative and useful, but also beautiful.

For example, before a vote, you can show the slides of each of the candidate’s bio and their picture.

Download a sample template. You can customize it to fit your needs.

Start the Self-Paced Session and Leave it Open

Slide Review - Candidate Vote

Review the slides for spelling and interactive (voting) settings, such as number of answers and set up required and optional voting on each slide.

On election slides, you can create a vote for a single candidate, or multiple candidates. Set up whether the voter has UP TO x votes, or EXACTLY x votes and create conditional flow depending on what answer they choose on previous slides.

Voters Securely Log In and Vote

Voters securely log into your session, identifying the voting session they want to participate in and themselves (e.g. Name, Unit/County, Access Code).

They walk through the slide deck at their leisure, from their homes/offices and record their votes.

The data can be viewed anytime during and after the session is completed. It can be running for an hour, a day, or a few weeks or months.

Benefits of Electronic Voting Systems

Association Business Meeting Electronic Voting System
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    Gain and Retain Membership
  • null
    Streamline Membership Elections
  • null
    Real-time, Anonymous Polling
  • null
    Analyze Industry Trends
  • null
    Facilitate Group Decision-Making
  • null
    Sponsorship Opportunity
  • null
    Promote Interactive Discussion
  • null
    Replace Paper Surveys
  • null
    Gauge Content Relevance
  • null
    Increase Event Interactivity

What's in the (Free) Software?

Our EZ-VOTE Connect Suite comes with multiple interactive audience response and feedback apps.

The PowerPoint plugin can enhance your presentation with interactive slides that measure the level of involvement, achieve fast consensus on important issues.

Three interactive team games can inject some fun into an otherwise serious business meeting, or allow you discover a competitive edge in your constituents.

CloudVOTE (included for 12 months. Optional, low-cost annual subscription after that) allows you connect the in-person meeting with virtual attendees whenever needed.

EZ-VOTE Connect Dashboard