Mobile Audience Response App

Use a Smartphone, Tablet or Any Other Device with a Web Browser

Meridia provides mobile audience response solutions for everyone who is looking to add interactive elements to their live events and training. We offer turnkey events which include our staff, Do–It-Yourself (BYOD) options, or the ability to run your event remotely.
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DIY Mobile Audience Response

Mobile polling can be simple and straightforward with the right software and an internet connection. Meridia’s app-less (no app to download), secure CloudVOTE software allows users to seamlessly upload PowerPoint files to create polling templates and add live polling and texting to any presentation.

To learn more check out our dedicated site or simply give us a call to discuss the details or setup a demo.  Discounted yearly subscriptions and per-event access are available.

Professionally Staffed Service

We provided our first mobile polling solution almost 10 years ago and have been helping clients flawlessly execute interactive presentations using tablets, laptops, and phones ever since.

We can help you procure a fleet of dedicated voting tablets and the staff and expertise to ensure success.  All of our events are unique and we can customize our platform to meet most design requirements.

We can come on site, or run the event remotely, providing travel expense savings.

CloudVOTE Logo Blue

With our secure CloudVOTE live voting app, your local or remote audience can easily and quickly participate in a meeting and make their opinion count. Your presentations and polling results are centrally managed in our CloudVOTE Portal.

CloudVOTE allows the participants to vote on single-vote questions with up to 10 answers, multi-vote questions (“Select all that apply”), as well as send free-form text messages at any time. Presentation slides are pushed to the audience via their connected devices to create an immersive second-screen experience.

The moderator on your production end is able to monitor and manage the incoming messages from any web-enabled device with easy via a separate web interface.

CloudVOTE Online Electronic Voting WebPad
Single-Vote (Multiple-Choice) Question with Vote Confirmation. Click for a larger image.
CloudVOTE Online Electronic Voting WebPad
Multi-Vote (Multiple-Choice) Question with Up To Four Choices. Click for a larger image.

In conjunction with our TownVOTE app, you can run an association meeting, student senate, city council or any other business session with just a computer and smartphones, or tablets.

Use our clickers, or any web-enabled devices (hybrid mode coming soon) to securely join the session and vote on the articles and motions, even run an election with one or multiple candidates to be chosen.

TownVOTE can automatically indicate whether the article passed or failed based on a customizable voting rule (e.g. Simple Majority vs 2/3 Majority) and its voting grid can either show data anonymously, or indicate exactly who voted how.

Electronic Voting Software
TownVOTE provides a visual record of every vote. Click for larger image.
TownVOTE Anonymous Voting Grid - Votes Shown
Anonymized TownVOTE voting grid display. Click for a larger image.