Downloads for Your Audience Response System

Whether you’re looking for an old polling program you bought five years ago, or a cool sound to go with your countdown clock, we have it here. And while you’re here, get the documentation, instruction cards, or just study up on the requirements of the software we offer.

Looking for the new EZ-VOTE Connect download?

Legacy Software

Activation App


Activation App

Interactivity Suite

EZ-VOTE2 (Office 2010+)






Game Suite










Unsupported Apps

EZ-VOTE1 (Office 2007)


GET FEEDBACK (Office 2000 – 2003)



EZ-VOTE Connect Requirements

Operating Environment/Prerequisites

  • Windows 7, 8 and 10 (32 & 64 Bit)
  • MS Office 2010, 2013 and 2016 (32 & 64 Bit)
  • MS .NET 4.6, MS Installer 5
  • Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM, 3GHz or better
  • USB Port (1.1 and up), 250 MB disk space

Other Requirements

  • Compatible with FIPS encryption.
  • Must be able to communicate with our HID USB device (our device has no memory, or auto-run capability).
  • Installation requires one-time/temporary admin privileges, or IT-supervised install.
  • One-time license activation (per computer, per user) requires internet, otherwise the desktop software and hardware work completely offline.


EZ-VOTE Connect End-User License Agreement

Feel free to download our End-User License Agreement (EULA) in PDF format.

Wireless Protocol Security

Wireless Protocol Security Statement

We use a secure, proprietary protocol to communicate between the receiver (antenna) and the keypads. There are over a half-dozen security features our system actively employs to protect the integrity of the communication between the keypads and the receiver/computer. Learn more by downloading the Wireless Protocol Security Statement below.

Keypad Display Notifications

Keypad Display Notifications

Keypad Display Notifications

Quick Start guide to Meridia keypad notifications and icons.

CloudVOTE Architecture Diagram

CloudVOTE Architecture Diagram

Audience Response System (ARS) Architecture Diagram

Audience Response System (ARS) Architecture Diagram

Misc Apps


[ProVOTE Classic] USB Serial Port Device Drivers

ZIP folder iconProVOTE Classic USB drivers for Windows 32/64bit systems

Driver Downloads

Zip file folder icon ProVOTE Classic USB drivers for Windows 32/64bit systems

Merge Tool

Merge Identical Reports

Merge Tool

Merge Tool allows merging multiple EZ-VOTE “Results by Question” reports.
Learn more in our Knowledge Base.

QuickSupport App

TeamViewer QuickSupport Remote Desktop App

Download the TeamViewer QuickSupport remote control app, so that our Support staff can access your computer (with your permission, of course).
TeamViewer QuickSupport Download

Countdown Sounds for EZ-VOTE Plugin (WAV)

Countdown Sounds for your PowerPoint Presentation

Download a fun countdown (clock) sound in ‘wave’ (WAV) format that you can import into your presentation.

The sound will be automatically tied to the countdown and will start and end with the clock starting and ending. Keep in mind that even a 30-second sound will end at the end of a 10-second countdown.

10-second, high-pitch countdown

10-second, increasing pitch countdown

8-second, dance countdown

7-second, wooden clock countdown

Manuals & Instructions

EZ-VOTE Connect Quick Start Guide

Download the EZ-VOTE Connect Quick Start Guide and set out to create your first interactive slides.

CloudVOTE Quick Start Guides

Download the CloudVOTE Quick Start Guides and import your first presentation to the cloud. You can run a mobile or hybrid meeting in under 10 minutes.

CloudVOTE Presenter/Content Manager Tips (PDF):
This is great for a quick reference, review and/or print. The PPTX below is more interactive, if you prefer that format.

CloudVOTE Presenter/Content Manager Tips (PPTX):
Use the PPTX file for your training, but yo can also import it to CloudVOTE as a test – it has some interactive/question slides in that you can practice with during your first Slide Review process.

CloudVOTE Participant Tips (PDF):
As a Presenter, you should still know everything your Participants need to know in order to have a great experience. Study this guide and feel free to share it with your audience, too.

TownVOTE User Guide

TownVOTE v1.1 User Guide

Download the user manual for the newest version of TownVOTE here. TownVOTE is now a part of the EZ-VOTE Connect suite, not a separate download.

Game Suite QuickStart Guide

Game Suite QuickStart Guide

Download the QuickStart Guider for the EZ-TRIVIA, EZ-CATEGORIES and EZ-SCHOLAR interactive team games. Then download and practice with the game templates below.

Polling/Voting Instruction Slides, Tips & Best Practices

Below are some starter slides for you to download.  They give basic instructions for your audience on use of the keypads.  They are free and editable, so you can use them as they are or just take the parts you want.
We also included some tips on how to get the most out of the system, what to do and what not to do, as well as some high-res images of the keypads to incorporate into your own instructions.

Trivia Game Templates

Below are basic trivia templates for you to download. They are free and editable, so you can use them as they are, modify them, or just take the parts you want/need.
Keep in mind that some templates must retain certain structure to work. For example, a 3×3 Categories (“Jeopardy”) template must have a total of 12 slides, where:

  • Slide #1 = Category 1 title slide
  • Slides #2 – 4 = Category 1 questions (3 slides)
  • Slide #5 = Category 2 title slide
  • Slides #6 – 8 = Category 2 questions (3 slides)
  • Slide #9 = Category 3 title slide
  • Slides #10 – 12 = Category 3 questions (3 slides)

Categories ("Jeopardy") Geography Trivia Template

3×3 geography quiz template for EZ-CATEGORIES (“Jeopardy”) trivia game. Correct answers are in the Notes.

Categories ("Jeopardy") Generic Trivia Template

PPTX file icon3×3 generic quiz template for EZ-CATEGORIES (“Jeopardy”) trivia game in EZ-VOTE Connect Suite.

Scholar ("Are You Smarter Than a 5th-Grader") Generic Trivia Template

PPTX file iconGeneric EZ-SCHOLAR (“Are You Smarter Than a 5th-Grader”) trivia game template.

Generic Trivia Template

PPTX file iconGeneric EZ-TRIVIA game template in EZ-VOTE Connect Suite.

EZ-VOTE 2 User Guide

User Guide

This is an older User Guide for EZ-VOTE 2. We no longer update it, so you might find portions of it not applicable to EZ-VOTE Connect, but in general, the PowerPoint integration and basic functionality will be covered in this document.

EZ-VOTE User Guide

Complete (PDF) User Guide

EZ-PRESENTER Operator Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet

EZ-PRESENTER Operator Cheat Sheet

JPG icon A quick reference sheet for EZ-PRESENTER operator.

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