CVIM Battle of the Minds Uses Meridia’s Voting Keypads

The Battle of the Minds is The Centre Volunteers in Medicine and Penn State Rotary Club’s signature fundraising event, where participants gather for a gala dinner with a twist; each table participates in a fast-paced trivia game show! 

The 15th annual Battle of the Minds took place on October 11th, with proceeds benefiting the CVIM so they can continue to serve their patients with the highest level of care.

Meridia voting keypads were used in conjunction with PowerPoint to make the interactive trivia game a reality.

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Battle of the Minds Trivia Game Show

Meridia is no stranger to utilizing clickers in a game show setting, having partnered with the Live! Casino Hotel, Heineken, and America’s Got Talent to create interactive games and cool, animated displays controlled by people voting in real time. That’s why, for a number of years, the CVIM has counted on us to make the Battle of the Minds fully interactive and seamless.

The rules of the game are simple. Each team receives one keypad to vote. Each question consists of four choices, A, B, C, or D, with trivia ranging from topics like history, arts and literature, science, geography, sports, and entertainment.

Participants have a limited amount of time to answer, and a group consensus must be reached before each team submits their choice. Points are awarded to teams who answer correctly, with more being awarded according to how quickly they submit their answer.

Battle of the Minds Gala Dinner
Battle of the Minds slide

EZ-VOTE’s PowerPoint plugin makes creating trivia questions a breeze. Multiple choice slides can be customized in PowerPoint, then immediately converted into trivia questions thanks to the “convert slide” function found right in the plugin. Creating leaderboards is just as easy – and they are dynamically updated as the game goes on, so each team knows where they stand in the rankings.

The trivia game consisted of three rounds with around 20 questions per round. Round one ended with teams, “Almost UpToDate,” “Restek Wizards” and “Never Gonna Quiz You Up” taking first, second and third place, respectively. As the game continued, the leaderboard saw various lead changes as each team vied for the top spot. By the end of the third round, “Almost UpToDate” took a sweeping victory with a total of 3,440 points, With “Never Gonna Quiz You Up” and “Restek Wizards” trailing behind with a total of 3,110 points and 3,010 points. 

Trivia Game Show Gameplay

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