Tribal Council Voting System - Electronic Voting Clickers

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“One of the benefits of the voting system is the quick results, this has really saved us a lot of time during our meetings. The ‘old ways’ – not very long ago – included counting votes by hand and misunderstanding the motion language. Now, being able to project the motion language and get the instant results has been a great asset during our meetings!”

-– Whitney Zambrano, Snoqualmie Tribe

Snoqualmie Indian Tribe Logo

Tribal Council Voting System - Electronic Voting Clickers

Tribal governments in the U.S. are embracing a new, secure and convenient way to vote – electronic voting systems from Meridia.

Tribal Councils small and large have to vote on everyday issues that face each community. Using the Meridia offline, close-circuit, short-range RF voting clickers, they can securely cast their vote and get it on the record immediately.

The TownVOTE software uses a clear and easy-to-understand voting grid format that shows in real time whether each member voted, or it can be set up to show how each member voted after the vote is closed.

Tribe Councils Using Our Electronic Voting System

Indian Land Tenure Foundation ILTF

D’Arcy Bordeaux
Indian Land Tenure Foundation

Pala Band of Mission Indians Tribe Logo

Dina West-King
Pala Band of Mission Indians

Tuolume Me-Wuk Indian Tribe Logo

Kerri Quaglino
Tuolumne MeWuk Tribal Council

Sault Tribe Indians

Jami Moran
Sault Tribe

Snoqualmie Indian Tribe Logo

Peter Corder
Snoqualmie Indian Tribe

American Indian Council Logo

Shirley Lafleur
American Indian Council

Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe Logo

Justine Blake
Shoalwater Bay Tribe

Santa Rosa Band of Cahuilla Indians Logo

Alyssa Gray
Santa Rosa Band of Cahuilla Indians

Delaware Nation Logo

Michele Hopkins
Delaware Nation Council

Comanche Nation

Opal “Melissa” Jones
Comanche Nation

Cowlitz Indian Tribe

Kim Sanchez
Cowlitz Indian Tribe

See How City of Wellington Uses TownVOTE

Wellington’s City Council brings up new motions or amendments quickly and they need to record the vote just as fast. With TownVOTE, they can type everything that’s planned ahead of time, but they can enter any of the motions on-the-fly and vote on it within seconds.

Their Democracy Advisor, Hedi Mueller says: “In the past, it wasn’t clear which clause the councilors were voting on, and it was difficult for the public to see and understand exactly how a member of the council has voted.” Now, the visual record of each vote and related reporting is immediately available to the Town Clerk and if needed, to the public, too.

Wellington City Council – Council – March 31, 2021

You can choose to anonymize the votes during the vote, but show how each person voted automatically after it closes to increase transparency.

Alternatively, you can only show the summary of the vote, thus keeping the results completely anonymous.

Wellington City Council – Extraordinary Council Meeting – June 12, 2021

With the latest update, TownVOTE can be configured for those with visual disabilities like color-blindness to show the results in “high-contrast” mode, so the display is clearer and have bigger visual elements when integrated with the A/V system and/or the Zoom broadcast.

TownVOTE council electronic voting system


TownVOTE is a simple, yet powerful electronic election software for your tribal council meetings. It features an adjustable-size voting grid with Visual Vote Confirmation, so you and your voters know that their votes have been counted.

Article/Motion summary as well as the Pass/Fail status of each vote is shown for everyone to see, providing clear view and complete transparency to your voting process.

Reports consist of raw data in Excel format and actual, indisputable screenshots of what the voting grid looked like when polling was closed.

You have full control over whether to show the vote’s progress in real-time, or only at the end of the vote to prevent ‘herd mentality‘.

User can pre-enter the questions based on the current agenda and simply call them up in the order they were entered, or easily skip around in any order that becomes necessary.

If a motion is entered from the floor, or an amendment needs to be entered ad-hoc, just duplicate any existing topic or enter a new one in just two clicks and go right back to voting.

TownVOTE Identifiable Visual Vote Confirmation w Subs 12v Closed
Identifiable Visual Vote Confirmation 12-Person Board
TownVOTE Anonymous Visual Vote Confirmation w Subs 360v
Anonymous Visual Vote Confirmation - 360 Participants

Purchase Our Clickers

All Meridia wireless audience response clickers have dedicated Yes/No/Abstain buttons and display for enhanced vote confirmation increasing voters’ confidence in the system and clearly confirming their activity.

Choose your clicker based on battery life, size, display or range.

Coin-Cell Batteries
(6-12 mo life)
Coin-Cell Batteries
(6-12 mo life)
AAA Batteries
(up to 4 year life)
AAA Batteries
(up to 4 year life)
5 voting buttons
10 voting buttons
10 voting buttons
13 voting buttons