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Our training content management system, CloudVOTE, can stand alone as your only learning management system (LMS), or it can augment one you already own. It can help you automate and speed up just the record-keeping part of your training, or you can integrate it into the entire line, safety and ethics training program. CloudVOTE is as flexible as you need it to be. Don’t pay for features that you don’t use.

Meridia works closely with some of America’s largest corporations to integrate interactive meeting technology and streamline their training process. Companies like Microsoft, Hershey, Exxon, Johnson & Johnson, and Cargill choose Meridia, because they need to simplify the line training workflow, automate trainee registration, and minimize downtime at their manufacturing facilities.

Putting our heads together, our audience response tools and our clients’ expertise allows us to increase safety and compliance training success rate, and optimize evaluation response across their enterprise.

Training Content Management

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    How do I control my presentations and messaging from a central location?
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    How do I control my presentations and messaging from a central location?

The CloudVOTE Training Content Management System (TCMS) allows you to centrally store your training material in the Cloud, assign each item to an individual user, group, or location and protect the files against changes. Your team will always have access to the latest content in the most recent format. Presentations can be run online or downloaded locally for offline use.

Online & Offline Reporting

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    Do you want to collect data from multiple groups using a variety of presentations?
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    Are you looking for specific trends or outliers?

All of your presentation data can be stored centrally. Meridia’s system allows presentation responses to be filtered, merged and compared to one another over time or individually to discover trends and allow to ‘tell a story’ that will be meaningful and valuable for future decision making.

Activity Tracking & Analysis

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    Is the training curriculum being followed?
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    Is the training curriculum being followed?

Our system can report on team activity, application and content usage to help measure the success of your training, sales & marketing efforts.  Rewards and incentives can easily be activated to “gamify” the experience and align our system with your corporate culture.

Software & Workflow Customization

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    Why change your company’s workflow to match a rigid off the shelf solution?
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    Do you currently use customized solutions to get things done?

Meridia makes software simple by removing all unnecessary components and focusing on YOUR unique workflow and YOUR specific purpose. What works for one organization will not work for others. Your app dashboard should only include the steps necessary to complete the training in the shortest time possible and make sure that users cannot make mistakes during the process.

Custom Dashboards

Initial training is extremely important. “Training the trainer” well ensures that your field team is ready to take on the training of your line workers while minimizing the time needed to get people in and out of the training session.
Simple, focused UI is a great way to make sure that specific steps are followed, and that validation of critical data entries happens in real time. This way, data flowing from our CloudVOTE system to your Learning Management System (LMS) is pure and correct.

Limit the number of tools your training staff can use
Give trainers the ability to spot areas that need immediate attention
Minimize distractions and allow for perfect execution every time.

Training & Education

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    Do you need someone to guide you through product onboarding and employee training?
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    Would you like to have personnel on site when the product is being launched?

Training becomes simple when steps are reduced and user roles are properly assigned. We assist in creating training materials, video coursework and provide product experts on site. By dedicating our team to your product we make sure that you can: Interact, Succeed, and Repeat that process over and over again.

Unified App Deployment

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    Do you have hundreds or thousands of devices that need our apps?
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    Do you need to deploy and control software from a central location?

We ensure that all software updates and changes pass through your defined process before they reach the field.  Let us customize the installation packages and dependencies based on your criteria. Meridia works with your IT, marketing, training & support teams to align with your specific approval and deployment process.

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