NAACP Used Electronic Voting Clickers for the Second Time at Their 114th Annual Convention

NAACP 2023 Resolutions Planary Session

As the NAACP’s biggest event of the year and second in-person meeting since 2019, the stakes were high during the organization’s 114th national convention held in Boston. Starting on July 28th and running till August 1st, hundreds of voting delegates convened in Boston to vote on a variety of hot-button topics like LGBTQ+ rights, gun control, environmental protection, police training, and more.

Moravian Church Synod Upgrades to Electronic Voting

Moravian Church Synod 2023 Meeting

In a world where technology is rapidly shaping various aspects of our lives, it comes as no surprise that even traditional institutions like the Moravian Church are embracing digital innovations. The recent Moravian Church Synod held in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, made waves by adopting an electronic voting system. This move marked a significant step forward, streamlining the voting process and ensuring greater inclusivity and transparency within the congregation.