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See how our clients utilize the audience response technology for voting, elections, classroom quizzes, corporate training and compliance, and even fun, dynamic games with over 1,000 participants

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Official Electronic Voting System for U.S. House of Representatives

“The use of an electronic voting system helps us process the full markup votes among the 50+ members — accurately — in less than two minutes. By comparison, it used to take us 10 minutes to vote on a single item.”

-– Nancy Locke, Chief Clerk at Committee on Natural Resources

New England Town Meetings

Dozens of New England towns are using their Meridia electronic voting systems to simplify and speed-up their voting process, while also preserving their long-standing tradition of a transparent and open government.

Safety & Compliance Training

Trainee Response System Feedback

New Hampshire House of Representatives Seal

Official Pandemic Voting System of NH House of Representatives

“We used the electronic voting system in an outdoor business session where our Representatives voted from inside their cars. We also used it on another occasion when we met in a large sports complex to be able to maintain social distancing.”

-– Paul Smith, Clerk of the House, New Hampshire House of Representatives

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