Electronic Proxy Voting System

Proxy Voting Persists in the World of Corporate Governance

In a political system that prides itself on the privacy of the vote, such as ours in the United States, it might seem unethical to assign your vote to another person because you can’t be present to cast it yourself. However, when the U.S. was little more than a collection of colonies with sparsely populated settlements, this process was tolerated – and sometimes encouraged – purely out of necessity.

Solve Issues with Feedback via Audience Response System

How Can We Address Sensitive Issues?

One of the top five accounting firms needed to address the very sensitive issue of compensation and benefits with their newly formed consulting division. They wanted to get the issues on the table and work through them so everyone was happy. Meridia Audience Response was asked to provide the audience response system for 150 of…

Group Response Keypads used in Sales Meeting

Is Our Sales Team Ready?

When a major company launched their new nasal steroid, they asked Meridia Audience Response to provide a method to determine if their sales force possessed the appropriate product knowledge before they got in front of a physician. We suggested that during their upcoming national sales meeting, they conduct a team competition using the Meridia Audience…