Removing Barriers to Accessibility for Color Blind Voters

TownVOTE software operates through visual mediums such as projector screens and smartphone displays, so it’s crucial that every piece of information is able to be easily read and interpreted by everyone in your audience, including those with auditory disabilities like color blindness. TownVOTE voting grid has been redesigned to include instantly recognizable indicators of how each person voted in the new High Contrast Mode,

ARS in Police Training: Striving for Administrative Excellence

Police training classroom response system

Accountability, accuracy, and attention to detail are all components that make up a great police training program. With the use of audience response clickers and software, trainers can increase interactivity during sessions while monitoring performance in real-time with automatic recordkeeping.

ARS Keypads Keep Focus Groups Focused


Focus group research can be a blessing and a curse for both the companies that seek the insights and for those who conduct the research. The findings can mean the difference between product launch success and failure, so it’s crucial to put the right questions to the right people and to capture unbiased answers—and that’s often harder than it sounds.

VA Farm Bureau Grows Itself a Better Meeting Voting System

VA Farm Bureau Meeting Voting System

VA Farm Bureau had their online/virtual meeting all planned out when their requirements changed and suddenly, they had to connect multiple different locations in a way that they can all vote remotely, and yet, as if they were all sitting in the same room.

Why Every Teacher Should Be Using a Classroom Response System

Classroom Response System

Student engagement is a priority for teachers who work hard to enrich the lives of their students through high-quality education. Today’s children have been raised with technology in all aspects of their lives, and the use of student response systems in the classroom can enhance learning and student engagement while erasing issues of peer pressure, shyness or embarrassment.

5 Check-in Tips for a Successful Event

5 check-in tips for a successful event

We don’t often think twice about the check-in process when organizing an event, do we? It’s all about coming up with ways to engage the audience, setting up the Wi-Fi connection, goodie bags, big screen and many other issues that seem more essential.
How important is the check-in process at events, though? Very.

"Audience response system", "Wand", or "Audio response system"?

We have been to a few events and have heard our technology being called a variety of different names. So we thought that these common misconceptions and funny terms that people use, would make for a great learning lesson.

Heineken Brands Utilize Creative Audience Response Technology at Their National Distributor Conference

Heineken Logo
Heineken Brands Utilize Creative Audience Response Technology at Their National Distributor Conference Heineken brands utilize audience response technology with a creative display of the polling results at their National Distributor Conference and prove that a glass is often half-full. At the end of February, Meridia Interactive Solutions was invited to New Orleans for Heineken’s annual ... Read more