Visual Vote Confirmation

The Gold Standard of Vote Security

Trust but Verify

Visual Vote Confirmation is a primary tool used by boards, councils, and representative bodies to visually display votes and a secondary security process used to confirm digitally collected data.

Meridia’s platform for live group voting is built around the concept of Visual Vote Confirmation.  Participants can use our software to visually see how participants are voting in real time, which is ideal for transparency during representative meetings, or they can use it as a last step to review and confirm the data before passing an important vote.

Our TownVOTE software is one of the most secure voting systems because it provides the option for humans to confirm vote accuracy instead of relying solely on computer technology. Participants use the Meridia clickers to place their vote and the visual display to confirm their vote.

TownVOTE Identifiable Visual Vote Confirmation w Subs 12v Closed
Identifiable Visual Vote Confirmation 12-Person Board
TownVOTE Anonymous Visual Vote Confirmation w Subs 360v
Anonymous Visual Vote Confirmation - 360 Participants
TownVOTE Identifiable Visual Vote Confirmation no Subs 12v High Contrast Closed
Identifiable Visual Vote Confirmation in High-Contrast Mode
Secure Electronic Voting Systems

As shown above, Visual Vote Confirmation (Voting Grid) allows voting participants to confirm their vote from a display screen before the vote is counted and logged within a system. The voting results can display names for identifiable voting, or they can be anonymous and display only a device ID to protect the identity of the voters.

The vote tally display is customizable, allowing for both small and large groups to eliminate all voting doubt and security risks by visually confirming each vote.

How to Use Visual Vote Confirmation

Meridia’s dedicated voting app is designed to use Visual Vote Confirmation by default, so if you are using our TownVOTE software, you are already protected.

Simply start a TownVOTE session, select the number of participants who will be voting, enter the Articles/Motions on the Agenda page, and start the vote. Once the vote is open, follow these simple steps…

  • Ask your participants to vote using the Meridia clicker
  • Inform them that their vote is shown live via the vote display screen
  • If they vote Yes their designated square will turn green. If they vote No their square will turn red
  • When voting is done, ask everyone to confirm that the vote shown on the screen matches the one they entered into their keypad
  • If all votes are in and all participants have confirmed the vote, close the vote and move onto the next motion knowing that all of your vote data was 100% accurate and visually confirmed by everyone in attendance
TownVOTE Visual Vote Verification
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What Security Threats Does Voting Grid Eliminate

electronic voting system computer operator

The short answer is all of those that could possibly affect the integrity of a vote. Meridia’s live group voting systems are offline, short-range systems, so threats from internet-based attacks and those outside of RF range are automatically eliminated.

The only threat our system can possibly face is a malicious attacker operating within the RF range, most likely sitting inside of your meeting room. Visual Vote Confirmation (Voting Grid) protects against this specific threat.  Should a hacker in proximity to your voting system attempt to break in, they may be able to change or suppress votes as they travel through the air.

However, our Voting Grid prevents malicious interference from affecting the integrity of the vote because all votes are visually identified by each participant before being accepted into our software.

Visual Vote Confirmation is the gold standard of vote security because it eliminates all risk of unconfirmed data affecting vote integrity.

All RF systems are secured by various levels of complexity, but no system is immune from disruption if an attacker has enough skill, time, and resources. The Voting Grid provides an additional layer of security by combining a voter’s unique ballot number with a unique visual representation of the vote. This provides a clear record of the vote that is easily verified.