Live Voting Support and Audience Response Rentals

Over 25,000 events with professional, on-site, live voting support staff since 1970

Live Voting Support & Audience Response Event Rentals

Meridia’s live voting support (on-site and remote staff) combined with secure and easy-to-use rental equipment are the perfect match for your next voting event, training, or audience engagement.

Below are four basic types of service we provide. Beyond these, there are many possibilities of customization, so please contact one of our Live Event Project Managers to discuss your goals and objectives and we will guide you towards a solution that best fits them. Give us a call to start engaging your in-person, remote or hybrid audience today.

Professionally Staffed Services

$$$ per event

If you value live voting support personnel with a high technology IQ, this service is right for you. We will ensure flawless execution by facilitating every aspect of the audience response polling operation for you. Sit back, relax and let us do the heavy lifting.

Meridia’s Dedicated Tablets & Keypads
BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices)
Guaranteed Results
Onsite Pro ARS Operator
Project Management
Peace of Mind


Remotely Staffed Services

$$ per event

With Remotely Staffed Service, our experts operate the interactive portion of your event remotely. If you have an internet connection, and can hand out keypads, but don’t want to learn the software, controlling the presentation, and authoring the reports, this option may be for you.

Meridia’s Dedicated Tablets & Keypads
BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices)
Dedicated Staff
Live Support
Project Management
No Travel, Lodging, or Per Diem Costs


DIY - Meeting in a Box

$ per event

If you don’t shy away from technology, the Do-It-Yourself audience response rental may be for you. We provide a complete DIY rental audience response system (keypads, receiver, and software) in addition to the support and instructions to ensure a successful event.

Meridia’s Keypads
Pre-Event Support
Easy to Use
Cost Effective
Intuitive Software
Simple Instructions


DIY Online/Mobile Polling

$ per event

Meeting and event polling technology is now literally in the hands of every attendee. Their smartphones, tablets and computers can do all the voting and you can present the content just from your own mobile device. Rent, or BYO devices, upload your presentation and start polling.

No Hardware Cost
BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices)
No App to Download (Browser-Based)
Cost Effective
Instant Post-Event Reporting
Easy to Use


Live Voting Support & Audience Response Rentals


Do-It-Yourself ARS rentals are simple and affordable. A blue box (or more) arrives on site with everything you need:

  • ARS clickers (with backup)
  • Receivers (with backup)
  • USB cables and extension cords
  • Return label

All you have to do is download the software and perhaps signup for a bit of training, if you feel you don’t have the time to explore everything by yourself. Check out the contents of the box below.

iPad Rentals

To engage your audience with our mobile polling/texting app, CloudVOTE, it’s best if you user our dedicated iPads because we can:

  • Ensure full battery
  • Limit distracting apps
  • Force a specific Wi-Fi connection
  • Allow for a consistent experience

We can make sure that they are always charged, have backups for the unexpected, and limit the activity on them to your business and not games, email, or football-watching.

CloudVOTE DYI Mobile Polling

Our CloudVOTE mobile polling service streams your slides directly to the audience and offers single-vote, multi-vote, and free-form text answers. You have an option to do the polling anonymously, or with two kinds of participant lists – free-form, optional entry, or restrictive, secure list where only those who need to sign in are allowed to vote.
The instructions for the audience to join a session couldn’t be easier: “Go to, click on Join Session, and enter the Join Code”

Live Voting Capabilities

Making your event more interactive and engaging is easy. Just contact us so that:

Don’t hesitate and send us an email, or give us a quick call, so we can start the next journey with you as soon as possible.

What's in a Lease

Shipping Case

Carry Bag, Receiver & Clickers

Audience Response Software

Prepare and Test Before the Event

Download for Free

Our EZ-VOTE Connect Suite comes with multiple apps that suit your style and can integrate with PowerPoint, or Prezi, let you play a Jeopardy-like game, or do town hall-style voting quickly and efficiently. Download it for free and test the functionality. You can even request a demo kit to test the hardware – that’s free, as well!

Request Demo/Training

Live voting events are fluid. Be prepared! See how the software works – schedule a demo with us and we’ll walk you through it. That way, you know what you’re getting into. You’ll see how easy the software is, but if DIY isn’t for you, we can still send our staff to your event and make sure everything integrates into your event production smoothly.

Compare the Audience Response Event Rentals

We think that you will get a great value out of renting our audience response equipment. Just compare how much more benefit you’ll receive from a single-day rental price compared to other typical event necessities like food or chairs.

ProVOTE audience response clicker rentals
Wooden Padded Ballroom Chair
Beer and Wine Bar
Interactive, Engaging
Audience Response
Ballroom Chair with Padded Seat Cushion
3-Hour Standard Bar
(House Wine, Draft Beer, Soda, Juice)
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail
(with sauce and lemon)
$250/100 pieces
Increased audience engagement,
added fun factor, 30% higher content retention
Comfortably sitting through a boring session without ARS
Priceless, embarrassing, Instagram-worthy memories
Delicious messy goodness and sticky fingers

iPad Rentals

If you’re looking for modern audience response rentals, look no further. Our fleet of iPads with CloudVOTE mobile polling and texting app is a perfect companion event app where you can collect candid, anonymous feedback from your audience. Ask specific questions, share your presentation content directly on their iPad screens, and collect free-form text messages at any point – not just during a polling period.

Event Technology Rentals

With our partners, we can help you equip your whole event. From audio-video rentals, to corporate photography and some very cool and interesting gadgets, you will not have to shop around and run around to put a show together. It’s already here.

Our Experience In Numbers

A lot has happened in the last 25 years in business…

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Live Voting Results Animation (interactive demo)

Horizontal Bars

Custom Results Screen - Horizontal Bars

Pie Chart

Custom Results Screen - Pie Chart

Object Filler

Custom Results Screen - Object Filler

We understand you may need custom graphics applied to these types of results display. We can work with your own designers, or you can tell us what you need and we’ll come up with design that’s right for you…The real-time data stream from our system can be easily customized through JSON files and used in your application instantaneously.

Qualifications & Capabilities

Live Surgery with Polling

Every year in January, a group of surgeons escapes to beautiful, warm Miami for some R&R and educational session where live surgery streamed to the screen is supplemented by a display of real-time polling and results of questions from the panel of experts.

National Sales Meeting

One of the Big 4 (accounting firms) hired us to do their worldwide partner meeting in Orlando. The questions answered at the meeting literally helped save the company $1,000,000 when they decided on cutting certain costs over the next 4 years.

International Elections

During this annual event, we travel to the next location of a major worldwide charity, where we provide live voting support in electing the top-ranking officers. We process thousands of votes in a matter of seconds to deliver accurate election results, as well as impromptu amendments (and amendments to amendments) with ease. Accuracy is verified by a review panel and submitted in near-real-time to the election board. It doesn’t hurt that the client saved $40,000 by cutting the meeting by one day due to speedy electronic election process.

Remote-Controlled Multisite Training

A major east-coast bank hired us to provide a multi-city audience response solution for their sales meeting. Our representative in each location set up and connected the audience response system to the dedicated internet lines for a flawless presentation with competitive questions, where teams were playing against each other as part of a team-building exercise.

Event Map

Explore the world of interactive audience response events that Meridia managed since 1970. We have been to over 30 countries on 6 continents, and rented over 1,100,000 wireless keypads and counting…

Put a flag of your event on the map. Contact us today. We’ll be glad to help!