Electronic Voting System in Massachusetts Town Meetings

Replace Hand, Voice and Paper with a Voting System

Enforce Bylaws & Majority Rules

Private & Anonymous Vote by Default

Electronic Voting System in Massachusetts Town Meetings

New England Town Meetings often referred to as a true town meeting are universally recognized as the purest form of democracy. Throughout Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island, towns and communities call upon their citizens to come together in a formal setting to debate, discuss, and decide on matters that impact their lives and communities.

Prior to each meeting, a small board of elected “selectmen” which are essentially the executive arm of Government in New England towns, publish a Warrant, which is an agenda of important items to be voted on during the town meeting. Traditionally, town meeting participants have used voice, paper or hand votes to approve or disapprove of the Warrant items, however in today’s modern town meetings, many communities are quickly adopting electronic voting technology to accurately count the votes and calculate if an item has passed or failed.

Case Studies

Town of Leicester

Town of Leicester needed to socially distance over 800 voters in a 80,000-sq foot facility.

Town of Sterling

Town of Sterling needed to have their town meeting at an air strip, where residents would vote from inside their cars.

Town of Stow

Town of Stow was forced to split their voters into two separate spaces, about 150 feet apart.

Town Meeting Photos

Ever-Growing List of Towns Using Our Voting System

Leicester Massachusetts Town Seal

Leicester, MA – Kristine Forsberg

Stow Town Seal

Stow, MA – Deb Seith

Sterling MA seal color

Sterling, MA – Fred Aponte

Rutland Massachusetts Town Seal

Rutland, MA – Anita Carlson

Town of Lanesborough, MA Seal

Lanesborough, MA – Gordon Hubbard

Town of Charlton Seal Color

Charlton, MA – Karen LaCroix

Town of Uxbridge Logo Seal Black & White

Uxbridge, MA – Kelly Dumas

Town of Bellingham, MA Seal

Bellingham, MA – Anna Odabashian

Town of Hamilton, MA Seal

Hamilton, MA – Tim Olson

Wenham Town Seal Color

Wenham, MA – Nicole Roebuck

Town of Lunenburg, MA Seal

Lunenburg, MA – Kathryn Herrick

Town of Boylston, MA Seal

Boylston, MA – April Steward

Town of Lancaster, MA Seal

Lancaster, MA – Melissa Pelletier

Town of Princeton, MA Seal

Princeton, MA – Nathan Boudreau

Town of Sturbridge, MA Seal

Sturbridge, MA – Lynne Girouard

Town of Berlin, MA Seal

Berlin, MA – Margaret Nartowics

Town of Holden, MA Seal

Holden, MA – Jeanne Hudson

Town of Lee, MA Logo Seal Black & White

Lee, MA – Christopher Britain

Town of Conway, MA Seal Logo Black & White

Conway, MA – Laurie Lucier

Town of South Hadley, MA Seal Logo Black & White

South Hadley, MA – James Doolitlle

Town of Orange Logo Seal Black & White

Orange, MA – Chris Woodcock

Town of Northbridge Logo Seal - Color

Northbridge, MA – Linda Zywien

Town of Ware Logo Seal - Black & White

Ware, MA – Kathleen Coulombe

Town of Raynham, MA Logo Seal - Color

Raynham, MA – Marsha Sylvia

Large Meetings & Strange Venues

Large Venues

Having a meeting inside a large venue can be intimidating and requires careful planning. Especially when it comes to electronic voting systems, you should consider consulting with, or even hiring on-site technical support.

With advanced antenna arrays, even an area of 80,000 square feet with two levels where voters in Town of Leicester, MA could freely seat themselves observing all COVID-19 restrictions can be covered easily and securely.

Leicester Town Meeting Electronic Voting Systems
Leicester Town Meeting Two-Story 80,000 Sq/F Warehouse

Strange Spaces

With our Extended-Range Base Receiver, we can cover a large area (like an airport field in Town of Sterling, MA) as well as accommodate up to 2,000 voters. With multiple receivers, we can easily handle up to 16,000 total participants.

In some of our meetings, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we had to split the audience into two sections (like in Town of Stow, MA) – inside and outside, and bring all votes together as if they were sitting all in one room.

Contactless Drive In Voting Sterling Massachusetts
Holding a town meeting at an airport has its long-distance challenges.
Electronic Voting Systems - EXTended Range Base Receiver
Extended-Range Base Receiver covers a larger area and up to 2,000 voters.
TownVOTE council electronic voting system


TownVOTE is a simple, yet powerful electronic election software for your town meetings. It features an adjustable-size voting grid and indication of each vote, so you and your residents know that their votes have been counted.

Article/Motion summary as well as the Pass/Fail status of each vote is shown for everyone to see, providing clear view and complete transparency to your voting process. Reports consist of raw data in Excel format and actual, indisputable screenshots of what the voting grid looked like when polling was closed.

You have full control over whether to show voters’ names, or keep everything anonymous; whether to show the vote’s progress in real-time, or only at the end of the vote to prevent ‘herd mentality‘.

User can pre-enter the questions based on the Town Meeting Warrant schedule and simply call them up in the order they were entered, or easily skip around in any order that becomes necessary.

If a motion is entered from the floor, or an amendment needs to be entered ad-hoc, just duplicate any existing topic or enter a new one in just two clicks and go right back to voting.

Electronic Voting System
TownVOTE provides a visual record of every vote. Click for larger image.
TownVOTE Anonymous Voting Grid - Votes Hidden
You can choose to only show that a keypad voted, but don't show who it is and how they voted.

Purchase Our Clickers

All Meridia wireless audience response clickers have dedicated Yes/No/Abstain buttons and display for enhanced vote confirmation increasing voters’ confidence in the system and clearly confirming their activity.

Choose your clicker based on battery life, size, display or range.

Coin-Cell Batteries
(6-12 mo life)
Coin-Cell Batteries
(6-12 mo life)
AAA Batteries
(up to 4 year life)
AAA Batteries
(up to 4 year life)
5 voting buttons
10 voting buttons
10 voting buttons
13 voting buttons