NAACP Used Electronic Voting Clickers for the Second Time at Their 114th Annual Convention

NAACP Voting

As the NAACP’s biggest event of the year and second in-person meeting since 2019, the stakes were high during the organization’s 114th national convention held in Boston. Starting on July 28th and running till August 1st, hundreds of voting delegates convened at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center to vote on a variety of hot-button topics like LGBTQ+ rights, gun control, environmental protection, police training, and more. Just like last year’s event in Atlantic City, all of the voting was handled electronically by Meridia’s TownVOTE software and keypads, which made vote counting and tabulation a breeze for the hundreds of participants present during the meeting.

In total, Meridia’s TownVOTE was utilized to count and document the ballots of over 1,300 delegates, and across close to 80 resolutions and amendments,during their Resolutions Plenary session. Leon W. Russell, (NAACP Chair) led the meeting and verbally opened and closed each vote. The system allowed delegates to vote with a simple press of “Yes,” “No,” or “Abstain” on their voting  keypads, allowing their vote to be instantly recorded by the system and displayed on the screen. The new system introduced last year has replaced a longstanding tradition of paper ballots and manual vote-counting, a time-consuming and often tedious process that is suceptible to user error. 

NAACP 2023 Voting Session

We hope to continue to strengthen our relationship with the NAACP as their electronic voting system of choice for years to come. For the full details of the voting session, check out the press release.

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