Electronic Voting Systems

Replace Hand, Voice and Paper Voting

Ensure Privacy and Anonymity of the Vote

Speed Up Vote Collection & Reporting

Accommodate Online, In-Person and Hybrid Voting

Enforce Bylaws, Election Regulations, FOIA Compliance

Electronic Voting Systems

Meridia has supplied America with electronic voting systems for over 50 years. Since 1970, our technology has assisted groups big and small reach consensus on critical issues. Our voting devices are simple, secure and reliable. Our voting software is intuitive, flexible and easy to use.

America’s two largest legislative bodies – the U.S. House of Representatives (who helped design the system) and The New Hampshire House of Representatives are using the Meridia electronic voting system for their legislative voting.

U.S. House of Representatives Seal
New Hampshire House of Representatives Seal

What is an Electronic Voting System

Proprietary, Secure, Wireless Voting Devices

Electronic Voting Systems

Easy to Use, Customizable Software

TownVOTE Electronic Voting Software

Official Electronic Voting System for U.S. House of Representatives

“The use of an electronic voting system helps us process the full markup votes among the 50+ members — accurately — in less than two minutes. By comparison, it used to take us 10 minutes to vote on a single item.”

-– Nancy Locke, Chief Clerk at Committee on Natural Resources

United States House of Representatives Seal

Who Uses Electronic Voting Systems

New England Town Meetings

Town and city councils and governments use electronic voting systems in their town meetings to speed up the legislative voting process, enable transparency, privacy and anonymity of the vote and create a permanent voting record.

Sorority/Fraternity, Education

Use an e-voting system to manage your fraternity or sorority elections, increase engagement, ensure privacy and anonymity of the vote, and record results for historic lookup.

Church & Religious Convention Voting

Read about electronic voting systems helping church and religious organizations resolve their differences quickly and efficiently. With our anonymous, secure, and easy to use voting devices, you’ll be done with the business session in no time.

Homeowner Associations & Co-Ops

Condominium, HOA or POA government bodies benefit from using electronic voting systems to avoid conflict of interest, increased voter participation, and ensure that a quorum is met every time.

Student Government & Collegiate Voting

Student governments need to vote to make decisions that affect hundreds, if not thousands of students on the campus. Learn more about how your school senate can benefit from an electronic voting system.

Charity and Other Conventions

See how Kiwanis saved $40,000 in one day by shortening the time they needed to vote at their annual meeting. Do you manage voting at a charitable membership organization and need help? Fill out the Get Quote form above.

Tribal Council Voting

Indigenous governance may be hard. The peoples of the numerous tribes that exist in the US and elsewhere need to know that their leaders have their back. They use electronic voting systems to get things done quickly and efficiently.

Team & Sports Club Voting

How do you elect team or club leaders? How do you reach consensus on rules and regulations? What’s the fastest and most accurate way to do it? Use an electronic voting system.

Meeting & Voting Security

Everyone involved in a business meeting wants the voting to be secure, accountable and accurate. Meridia provides a highly-secure system that works completely offline and can be configured to your needs, thus it cannot be accessed from the outside and can accommodate your specific event.

Visit our Electronic Voting Security page for full details. Here are a few highlights on how our system protects its integrity.

How Meridia Secures the Vote

  • Proprietary Radio Frequency (RF) protocol with multiple layers of security checks ensures that no one is listening.

  • The close-circuit system and relatively short range means that only the people in the immediate vicinity of the system can vote.

  • You can ask that we ship the system so that only specific keypads can work with the pre-configured base receiver (antenna).

  • Lost clicker can be prevented from voting by removing it from the (required) participant list.

  • The software allows for keypads to be assigned to individuals, while still keeping the vote results anonymous.

Case Studies: How Others Use Electronic Voting Systems

Town Hall Meetings

Town of Uxbridge

Town of Uxbridge Logo Seal Black & White Learn about how an electronic voting system helps Town of Uxbridge in Massachusetts speed up the town meeting processes without trampling on citizens sensitivities.

Read the full case study here.

Town of Leicester

Town of Leicester
Town of Leicester

Town of Leicester has been using an electronic voting system to help their constituents get their business done in private, secure voting session.

Read the full case study here.

Church Elections

Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania

Episcopal Diocese Philadelphia Logo Seal
Episcopal Diocese Philadelphia

An audience response system enables the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania to vote on annual meeting measures in a fraction of the time the scantron systems used to take.

Read the full case study here.

Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh

Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh
Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh

Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh used Meridia electronic voting system to gather feedback from their constituents using 7,000  clickers across 329 interactive presentations in 8 weeks.

Read the full case study here.

How Do You Want to Vote?

Dedicated Polling Devices

Electronic Voting Keypads

Radio Frequency (RF) keypads offer what the internet-based voting options can’t – they work independently, as a closed-loop system using a proprietary communications protocol to ensure security and integrity of the votes. This option requires a purchase of the dedicated “voting clickers.”

Self-Paced Voting

CloudVOTE Self-Paced Voting & Election Survey

Using iPads at your event, or from their own mobile devices or computers at home, your participants can go through the entire session, along with voting questions at their own pace. This option is relatively inexpensive, as the participants are using their own devices to vote.

Online Voting & Elections

CloudVOTE Online Voting Software

With CloudVOTE online voting system, you can specify a list of participants who can vote and require them to log into the voting session prior to answering any of the questions. The so-called “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) system allows you to avoid the expense of purchasing/renting dedicated electronic voting system.