VA Farm Bureau Grows Itself a Better Meeting Voting System

va farm bureau headquarters

VA Farm Bureau had their online/virtual meeting all planned out when their requirements changed and suddenly, they had to connect multiple different locations in a way that they can all vote remotely, and yet, as if they were all sitting in the same room.

Simplifying a Massive Outdoor Voting Session for the NH House of Representatives

New Hampshire House of Representatives voting session

The New Hampshire House of Representatives’ 2021 meeting was hardly a conventional one. In an effort to reduce person-to-person contact, representatives opted for a drive-in outdoor voting session from the comfort of their own cars.

Stow is a Go on Multi Room Voting

stow town hall

Town of Stow, MA was facing a unique challenge for their town meeting – how to seat their residents indoor and outdoor and still receive all the votes just as if they were all sitting in the same room.
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The Necessity of Virtual Voting in the Time of COVID-19

VA Farm Bureau Logo

Holding a virtual election isn’t always easy. For an electoral assembly met with COVID-19 restrictions, such as the Virginia Farm Bureau, amending the voting process presents several unique challenges. Instead of meeting for three days as a single group of 200 members, they decided to split up to 14 different locations around their state and vote electronically. This is how they did it…

How Can We Address Sensitive Issues?

Solve Issues with Feedback via Audience Response System

One of the top five accounting firms needed to address the very sensitive issue of compensation and benefits with their newly formed consulting division. They wanted to get the issues on the table and work through them so everyone was happy. Meridia Audience Response was asked to provide the audience response system for 150 of … Read more

How can we tell if our new management system is working throughout the company?

Wireless Keypads in Management Meetings

An international financial company introduced a new management system throughout their entire company. As they began receiving feedback from the different departments, it became clear that a few problems were developing. However, the nature of the specific problems was unclear. The company then scheduled a meeting of senior managers at their headquarters to discuss the … Read more