House Committee on Natural Resources Switches to TownVOTE Electronic Voting System

House Committee on Natural Resources Hearing Room

Since 2018, we’ve partnered with the House Committee on Natural Resources, who utilizes TownVOTE and clickers to record the votes at their Markup Meetings. After previously using a lengthy voting process that involved individually recording the votes of each house member, the electronic voting allowed the committee to significantly cut down on the time for each vote while instantly confirming their results with visual vote confirmation.

Vote From Multiple Locations With Hybrid Voting

MI Farm Bureau 2021 Annual Meeting

Meetings can take place in a variety of locations, especially after COVID-19 restricted in-person meetings like never before. While we can handle the unconventional voting locations (e.g., airport strips, empty warehouses, and more), we wanted to evolve our electronic voting systems to allow for in-person and remote participants to vote as if they were sitting in the same room.