Townvote Is Now the Official Electronic Voting Platform of the US House of Representatives’ Committee Markup Meetings

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As technology moves forward and the demands of the various House of Representative committees grow in scope and complexity, so do their needs for an efficient and secure legislative process.

There are currently over 20 committees overseeing various issues which culminate in markup sessions – where committee members study viewpoints presented in detail, then vote to accept or reject the changes in the proposed bill. With voting being an integral element of the various committees’ legislative process, the need for a revamping of the old process has arisen.

“The use of an electronic voting system helps us process the full markup votes among the 50+ members — accurately — in less than two minutes. By comparison, it used to take us 10 minutes to vote on a single item.”

-– Nancy Locke, Chief Clerk at Committee on Natural Resources

We’ve been working with the Committee on Natural Resources since 2018, helping them streamline their voting processes with our electronic voting system, TownVOTE. Given the committee’s success during these meetings and our proven track record for providing prompt, personalized customer service to each of our clients, the House has taken a leap forward to make TownVOTE the official voting system of all committees in 2024 and beyond.

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Read more about the implementation here (link to the PR).

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