What Is a Quorum?

Electronic Voting with Quorum

Do we have a quorum?
Anyone who’s ever attended a formal meeting where a binding vote is to be taken – from a town meeting or a board meeting to a session of the U.S. Senate or the British House of Lords – has heard that question. But what does it mean? What is a quorum? We have to know the answer to that question before we can determine whether we have a quorum.

Do You Know How Your School Board is Voting?

You know your local school board is out there. But do you know what that school board is doing? Do you know how school board members are voting? What issues they are debating? Many local residents do not – despite the fact that your school board is making decisions that affect the character and quality of education at every public school near you.

Indian Council Voting: No Surprises Here

Does it surprise you to learn that more than 570 sovereign nations exist within the borders of the United States? More than 220 exist in Alaska alone. What many people don’t fully realize when they hear names like “Navaho Nation” or “Cherokee Nation” – is that these really are nations unto themselves. They have their own constitutions in many cases; they have their own leaders; they hold elections and their citizens and councils vote on matters that affect the well-being of their nations.

What Is The Role of Parliamentarians in Our Election System?

Parliament US Capitol

Basic knowledge of the parliamentary procedure can fall short in situations where the rules aren’t clear-cut, require special consideration, or just aren’t ingrained in the heads of board or committee members like multiplication tables or the ingredients for a good martini.