Capturing the Vote in your Co-Op

Co-Op Voting & Elections

All cooperatives have at their core the same fundamental principles: The cooperative—or co-op—is owned and managed by its members, all of whom share in the profits or benefits of the co-op itself.

Bullet Voting: A Better Shot at an Election

Bullet Voting

What is bullet voting? Basically, bullet voting—also known as single-shot voting or plump voting—is a tactic used when voters who could vote for multiple candidates actually vote only for the one candidate whom they most want to see among the winners.

Streamlining Team and Club Voting

Sports Club Board Leadership Election

Every organization has a leadership team – whether that’s headed by a team captain or a club president. And while there are club apps and apps for team management, those don’t really address questions related club voting, let alone team or club roles and responsibilities. They’re more about scheduling events and managing member. The election of club officers remains an unsupported issue.

Electing a Credit Union Board of Directors

Board Meeting Elections

Credit Unions distinguish themselves from other financial institutions in many ways, but one of the most basic arises from the fact that they are governed by the members of the institution. Section 111 of the Federal Credit Union Act (Revised) specifies that members shall elect the credit union’s board of directors from their own ranks.