Spoilt Ballots – Spoiled Vote

Electronic Voting System Candidate Selection

Remember the hanging chad? That something so slight – a tiny fillip of paper dangling from the back of a punch card ballot – could result in the declaration of a spoiled ballot still rankles a large portion of the American electorate.

How to Make an Uncomfortable Conversation More Comfortable

Sex, STD, High School Education

Okay, class, raise your hand if you’ve had chlamydia. Hmm. Nobody? What about syphilis? Still no one? And you’re teens? You surprise me. I suppose I don’t even need to ask about HIV…

Capturing the Pulse of the Enterprise

Corporate Training Management System

The formal study of organizational culture is relatively young, dating back only to the 1950s. Even providing an organizational culture definition—that is, defining what you mean when talking about organizational culture—can be tricky. Organizational culture isn’t the same as organizational structure. Rather, it’s the attitude that holds together the structure, that lubricates the gears and, ideally, enables processes to occur without friction.