The Audience Response Device Everyone Owns

Mobile Polling System

Smartphones and other connected devices eliminate the need for dedicated equipment in classes and lecture halls. Businesses and academic institutions have for years taken advantage of the numerous benefits of audience response technology for lectures and seminars.

Safety Training is Key, But So is Making Sure the Lessons are Learned

Training Response System

The modern manufacturing environment is a far cry from the beginnings of the industrial revolution, when long hours and threats to life and limb were a matter of course during each shift.

Audience Response Goes Remote

Remote Audience Response Systems

Audience response technology has proven itself again and again in classrooms, training rooms and board rooms for years. But with the expansion of remote learning, many instructors have been challenged by an inability to assess and respond to their students’ learning in real time.

All Rise! Audience Response Technology Has Entered the Courtroom

Mock Trial Research System

The movie poster from the 1957 film “12 Angry Men” features the tagline “Life is in their hands! Death is on their minds!” It’s a somewhat hysterical reflection of the plot, in which a lone juror in a murder trial attempts to sway his fellow panelists to change their votes and avoid a miscarriage of justice.