Three Types of Voting

Electronic Voting Keypads

Ask anyone in the US whether we use a first-past-the-post system for voting and the likely response is, um, maybe? Do we use a winner-take-all-system? A plurality/majority system? A proportional or semi-proportional system?

Shoot/No Shoot Decision Simulations Using ARS

police shoot don't shoot training simulator

Police training is a serious matter, particularly when it comes to use of deadly force. Under what circumstances does an officer merely put his or her hand on the holster? Draw a gun? Under what circumstances should the officer actually fire the weapon?

Creating a Safe Place to Say Me Too

Sexual Harassment MeToo Movement

Me Too. Times Up. That these movements exist tell us that there’s a serious problem that we as a society have to solve, but the fact that the words are usually preceded by hashtags— #meetoo and #timesup— tells us that these words are more often written than they are vocalized.

Voice vs. Show-of-Hands vs. Electronic Voting

electronic voting and elections

When it comes to voting – whether at the federal, state, local, municipal, even club and association levels – the vote outcome is what ultimately matters. Yet we have so many ways to determine outcomes: Voice voting (viva voce); show-of-hands voting; electronic voting.