Lutheran Women’s Missionary League Successfully Implements TownVOTE Software and Keypads During Their June 11th Meeting

For organizations large and small, the democratic process has played a vital role in both achieving long term goals as well as day-to-day function. Whether it be a religious society, homeowner’s association, or police department, these groups often take votes to elect officials and make important decisions for the future.

This is especially true of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League, who utilized TownVOTE and voting keypads in their meeting on June 11th to vote on charitable grants and elect the president of the organization. With the help of TownVOTE’s multi-voting feature, the meeting was a great success, with every vote being counted quickly and reliably without the need for paper ballots. “What used to take hours, took minutes”, said Susan Bell, the current LWML President.

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The Society’s June 11th meeting at Doubletree in East Syracuse was jam-packed with activities, which included a morning voting session to elect members and decide on grant funding. These two motions required two different types of votes. The first vote asked members to choose five out of thirteen grants to be awarded between $3,000 and $5,000. TownVOTE handled the vote easily by enabling the voting grid with multi-voting for up to five votes.


To ensure a proper voting process and to make it easy for the delegates to get familiar with using the voting clickers, two test votes were conducted before the main vote. For each grant, the number of incoming votes was monitored until it matched the total number of voters, to make sure that every vote was counted and each participant knew which grant was being voted on.

The grant voting process was faster and more efficient than ever before, thanks to TownVOTE’s ability to display instantaneous results. Participants found the clickers to be simple and easy to use and were able to view the results of each vote right on the projector screen. With all votes being counted by the system, the LWML was able to avoid the tedium of manually counting paper ballots; which can often cause the democratic process to grind to a slow halt.

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The other votes also went off without a hitch, consisting of simple Yes/No answers to elect the league’s president, vice president, and other positions, as well as approve two new Bylaw amendments. In the future, we hope to work with LWML again to help make their meetings more efficient, simple, and interactive.

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