7th Day Adventists Across the Country are Using TownVOTE Electronic Voting System

7th Day Adventists Conference Electronic Voting System

Every five years, various 7th Day Adventist conferences meet to discuss and deliberate issues, bylaw changes, and more. Traditionally, all voting during these events was handled by pen-and-paper ballots and manual vote-counting. While this process allowed the conferences to conduct a secret ballot, the process was often stressfull, tedious, and time-consuming.

For their most recent meeting, the 7th Day Adventist South Central and South Atlantic conferences have made the switch to Meridia’s TownVOTE electronic voting system, where they can now cast their votes with the click of a button and record and tabulate the results automatically and with 100% accuracy. Find out why these conferences and more are making the switch to Meridia, making manual vote-counting a thing of the past.