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Audience Response Technology Improves the Classroom Experience

The acceptance of electronics in the modern classroom is one that has proven a boon to students, who can more easily transcribe notes and access Internet-based source material being used in a lecture. Inversely, they have also become easy distractions from ongoing lectures. Random web searches, gaming or consumption of unrelated media could be taking place if they aren’t properly engaged.

Student Response Systems

Audience Response Technology Streamlines Classroom Testing

If you ever want to see a classroom full of students simultaneously roll their eyes, speak the words “pop quiz.”
But it’s not just the students that groan. These impromptu assessments of student skills can take a toll on teachers, as well. Along with pulling together questions based on the subject matter, there’s the toil of presentation, paper collection, hand grading and returning results to students.

Classroom Response System

Why Every Teacher Should Be Using a Classroom Response System

Student engagement is a priority for teachers who work hard to enrich the lives of their students through high-quality education. Today’s children have been raised with technology in all aspects of their lives, and the use of student response systems in the classroom can enhance learning and student engagement while erasing issues of peer pressure, shyness or embarrassment.

CEO Symposium uses Audience Response Technology

Need More Audience Participation?

Philadelphia-based Meridia Interactive Solutions provides a wireless response system designed for audiences of any size, from small groups of ten people to large crowds of several thousand. Using hand-held wireless keypads, audience members anonymously respond to or vote on posed questions. Results are compiled and displayed in color graphics. The system was used for a chief…