Adaptive Teaching Customizes Curricula for Individual Learners

Adaptive Learning Infographics

In just about any instructional environment, a teacher or trainer is typically faced with learners who represent a wide variety of experience and a diverse body of knowledge coming into a class or seminar.

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Ongoing Employee Training

Whether it’s the result of new technology, upgraded systems or new procedures, at some point it’s going to be necessary to train a large group of your existing workers.

Encourage Interactive Engagement with Dynamic Visuals

Whether your preference is classic Looney Toons, the revolutionary work of Pixar, or the mind-bending offerings of “Rick and Morty,” it’s easy to argue that a little animation can make just about anything better.
The same holds true for business presentations and corporate training.

Audience Response Technology Ensures Voting Security

Electronic Voting System Security

Every day, the news provides more reasons to be concerned about the concept of electronic voting. Whether it’s because of accusations of the U.S. election system being hacked by foreign powers or a general distrust for a system that leaves no paper trail, many people are more suspicious of computerized voting now than they ever have been.

Giving Law Enforcement Better Training Management Tools

Police training classroom response system

Police officers face tough decisions on the street every day, and law enforcement training programs are designed to help them work out their responses ahead of time before real-life situations can turn deadly.

Learner Engagement is Key to Effective Training

effective employee training

Effective instruction depends on ensuring that learners are actively engaged in both receiving the information being taught and processing it for later use. But doing so in an adult learning environment can be challenging.

The 5 Ingredients of a Successful Employee Training

How to Execute an Effective Training Event If you’re one of the people who already understand the importance of training your employees, we bet you’ve already done research on the best ways to hold an effective training. How about an article full of the 5 must-do’s during a training? Visual Aids You can never go ... Read more