"Audience response system", "Wand", or "Audio response system"?

Is it an “Audience Response System”, or “Audio Response System”?

We have been to a few events and have heard our technology being called a variety of different names. So we thought that these common misconceptions and funny terms that people use, would make for a great learning lesson. We collected over a dozen different terms and expressions that refer to the same wireless group response technology: audience response system (ARS for short).

For example, at a show we did for a women’s fashion company in San Diego, for no apparent reason, they called the audience clickers “wands”. When asked why they thought that, our client said they can magically take away years of attendees’ age.

Obviously, that’s not true.

We are used to getting requests to quote on a “data response system” and more often than we would like to admit, people refer to audience response system as an “audio” response system instead.

Yes, the audience response clickers can definitely collect some valuable data, thus the ‘data’ part is quite fitting. But we don’t just collect data; group response system can also make any meeting more engaging and interesting.

Audio response system, however, is an incorrect term, because not many keypads out there can make use of audience’s or speaker’s voice. Perhaps with today’s smartphones and tablets, an audience response mobile app that captures, recognizes and processes human voice in real time can give us the true “audio response” people are looking for.

One of the most typical names for the audience response keypads is “student clickers“, because they are a required part of the classroom in some schools. Students and teachers both benefit from this interactive classroom technology.

Students can record their response instantly and use a single keypad for every class they attend. Teachers can collect hundreds of responses in mere seconds and create appropriate reports within minutes, saving time and grey hair when grading the tests.

Then there are crazy names for the tech. Like things, voting machines, pollsters, paddles or gizmos. We also heard voting buttons, thingies, voters and controls. Whatever name you prefer, we hope that we can enhance your and your audience’s experience at the next meeting or event.

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