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Our audience response solutions are designed to be as simple as possible to ensure our users initial and repeated success. All audience response systems from Meridia come with our EZ-APP Suite, which allows presenters to poll in PowerPoint, poll without prep, and poll using any application on their computer.

What is an Audience Response System


An audience response system (ARS) is a tool that collects data from a group or audience. It is comprised of three components:

  1. Interactive Presentation Software
  2. Response Devices
  3. Data Receivers

Participants use response devices to reply to questions crafted by an operator using interactive presentation software. The response devices transmit the votes to a response receiver, which communicates with the interactive software to display the collected data in a graphical form. Once a presentation is completed the data is available in a variety of reports for analysis. Audience response systems are commonly used for electronic voting, live surveys, audience polling, interactive games, testing, and market research. All of Meridia’s ARS systems are sold with live training, phone / email support, and unlimited access to  variety of online learning tools.

Audience Response System for Sales
Audience Response Keypads and Tablet Polling Apps

Audience Response Keypads and Devices


The right tool makes everything easier, so to ensure simplicity we offer a variety of response devices to meet the specific needs of each of our clients. Many people search for a solution based on a price point, specific feature, total cost of ownership or are just looking for the best total value. Here are some things to consider:

Display Screen | Equipment Range | Battery Type and Life | Length of Warranty | Size and Weight | Single or Multi Digit Responses | Keypads vs Mobile Devices

Go to Audience Response Keypads page to see the Keypad Comparison Chart.

Interactive Presentation Software


Meridia’s EZ App Suite let’s presenters and educators poll directly in PowerPoint, poll outside of PowerPoint (e.g with Prezi) and poll without preparation.  We work tirelessly to ensure simplicity by eliminating steps and maximizing usability.  We also have a variety of specific-use applications for voting and elections,  fun meeting games, and mobile and tablet polling.

To learn more about our software, go to the Audience Response Software page.

Audience Response Software

Data, Reports & Analytics

Data, Reports & Analytics


Meridia’s software generates a variety of local and web based reports immediately available following each and every polling session. Our reporting engine helps users organize, store and  visualize their data. We provide many useful tools like session merging, comparisons and demographic filter reports, individual graded scores and much more.

To learn more about our report and analytics options go to Reports & Analytics page.

Training and Support


Even the most intuitive tools can be made easier with a little support and tender loving care. Meridia offers live training with every system along with phone and email support to answer any questions you may have along the way. Additionally, we have a variety of self-paced training videos, FAQ and an interactive knowledge base – all powered by our Online Learning Center. Let us train you and your team today.

To learn more about our Support Team go to our Training & Support page.

Audience Response Support