Audience Response Systems

Audience Response Systems

Improve Outcomes in Training, Education, Elections, Live Events

EZ-VOTE Audience Response Systems

Easy to Choose. Easy to Operate. Easy to Love.

How Is EZ-VOTE ARS Different

  • Easy, Plug & Play Setup

  • No Annual Fees/Subscriptions

  • Lifetime Support & Training

  • Simple, All-in-One Software

  • U.S. Support Staff

  • Customizable Look & Function

All Inclusive. No Subscription. No Hidden Fees.

EZ-VOTE Audience Response System (ARS) is easy to use and supported for the life of the system. Each system comes with the EZ-VOTE Connect Suite, which includes polling apps for PowerPoint, Prezi, interactive team games, or video presentations to match your training methodology. You can use dedicated clickers, mobile devices, or both (hybrid) in your presentations to include everyone, even when it’s least expected.

We offer 4 distinct types of clicker options to match the diverse needs of the training, education, and live event communities. Our keypads communicate via a secure, closed-circuit, proprietary radio frequency technology, and do not require Internet connectivity.

You can easily buy more keypads after the initial purchase. Multiple kits can be combined into a single, big one, or they can be programmed to work independently, even when they’re right next to each other. We deliver our systems completely programmed and configured to your specification.

All of the EZ-VOTE systems include free lifetime support and training from our U.S. headquarters. Additionally, once you buy a system, it is yours to own. There are no annual fees/subscriptions, or support contracts. You and everyone else who needs to install the software can do it any number of times, on any number of computers. We want everyone to interact with their audience!

4 Clickers. 1 Platform.

Pick a Response Device and Request a Quote



EZ-VOTE 5 is our smallest and most budget-friendly system. It features 5 voting buttons, a 1/2 inch display, and key fob design.  EZ-VOTE 5 is lightweight, ultra-portable, and works with all basic question types. Ideal for nonprofits & startups.

Entry-Level Keypad
5 Buttons
Range: 200 ft (400 x 400 Area)
Dimensions (L/W/H): 3.2” x 1.6” x 0.4”
6-12 Month Battery Life
3-Year Warranty
Weight: 1 oz




EZ-VOTE 10 is our most popular audience response system. It features 10 response buttons and a large display with confirmation and multi-vote functionality. EZ-VOTE 10 is routinely selected by trainers, educators, speakers & electors.

LCD Display
Multi-Digit Voting
Range: 200 ft (400 x 400 Area)
Dimensions (L/W/H): 3.6” x 2.1” x 0.3”
6-12 Month Battery Life
3-Year Warranty
Two (2) Coin Cell Batteries




EZ-VOTE HD stands for Heavy Duty audience response system. With long-lasting AAA batteries, best-in-class durability, and extended range, it is the preferred choice of police, fire, government and military professionals.

2-Way 2.4 GHz Communication
Adult-Scale Ergonomics
Range: 450 ft (900 x 900 Area)
Dimensions (L/W/H): 5” x 1.75” x 0.625”
4-Year Battery Life
6-Year Warranty
Weight: 2.6 oz




EZ-VOTE PRO has the largest display and most advanced features. With dedicated Yes/No/Abstain buttons, free-form texting and an extended range, EZ-VOTE PRO is utilized by audio visual teams, live event experts, & market research groups.

6-Line LCD Display
2-Way 2.4 GHz Communication
Range: 450 ft (900 x 900 Area)
Dimensions (L/W/H): 4.5” x 2.2” x 0.5”
SMS TXT Messaging
3-Year Warranty
Dedicated YES, NO, and Abstain Buttons


Case Studies: How Others Use Audience Response Systems

Large-Scale Opinion Gathering

Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Catholic Diocese Logo

See how Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh conducted a large-scale vitality and cause-and-effect research across their 188 parishes and 600,000 parishioners.

Corporate Training

ConEd Learning Center

ConEdison LogoInstructors at ConEd Learning Center use a classroom response system (CRS) to learn what students know coming into a class, and test what they’re taking away after completing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many keypads can I buy?

Our smallest kits are sold in quantities of 20 keypads. Each kit contains a base receiver (USB “stick”), carrying case, unlimited support & training, and 1 year of CloudVOTE mobile polling and content management subscription.
You can buy any number of additional keypads. Each base receiver can handle up to 500 keypads. If you need more than 500 keypads, simply purchase another base receiver and plug it in along with the first one (additional configuration may be necessary).

Can I use interactive slides within my old PowerPoints?

Yes. EZ-VOTE Connect software does not interfere with your non-polling (non-interactive) slides. You can create a presentation made entirely of polling slides, or you can insert the polling slides in between the regular content slides.

Can I combine different types of keypads?

There are limitations. Only certain keypads can be combined and work together. There are number of technical reasons for this, but you also have to consider:

  • different number of voting buttons
  • different styles of displays
  • different voting capabilities

For example, since our ProVOTE Classic keypad has been retired, the replacement EZ-VOTE HD keypad was designed to work together with the older systems.
On the other hand, EZ-VOTE HD and EZ-VOTE 5 keypads may have the same single-digit display, but they don’t have the same number of voting buttons.
Similarly, while EZ-VOTE HD and EZ-VOTE 10 both have 10 voting buttons, they have very different styles of display and therefore their voting capabilities are different, too.

How can the clicker systems be configured?

There are a two options to configure the clickers and base receivers:

  • Fixed Match Mode
  • Free Match Mode

Think about it as:

  • Two rooms and clickers on the same hallway (Fixed Match)
  • Two rooms and clickers in different buildings/towns (Free Match)

Matching clickers to a specific base (Fixed Match) ensures that the votes from Clicker Group 1 are only registered with Base A and votes from Clicker Group 2 are only registered with Base B, no matter how close they are to each other.
You can still combine the two systems and create large group if you connect both bases to the computer. Keypads must be numbered in sequential order for this to work correctly.

Free Match configuration allows you freely add more keypads to the existing group as long as they are numbered in sequential order and you can use any keypad with any base in Free Match mode.
You should never operate two systems in Free Match mode next to each other (within the range) as you will have no control over whether votes are registered with Base A or Base B.

How many receivers do I need to buy?

One receiver per kit/system. Each receiver can handle up to 500 keypads. You’ll need a new/additional base receiver if you want to create a second kit/group of clickers and use them concurrently with the first kit, or have it available as a backup.

Is the voting secure?

Yes. We provide a proprietary system. Communication between the keypads and the receiver (base) is secured by:

  1. Proprietary protocol
  2. Limited distance/range
  3. Redundant data integrity checks

More on security and architecture can be found on our Downloads page, or you can download the Wireless Protocol Security Statement (PDF) below.

Wireless Protocol Security Statement

Customizable Look & Function

You can customize the keypad membrane to match your branding, personal taste, or specific function (e.g. if you’re only going to use the clickers for Yes/No/Abstain election). Click here to learn more about this service and contact us for a quote.

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EZ-VOTE Audience Response Systems Include

Case. Clickers. Receiver.

EZ-VOTE Connect Software


Live Training & Lifetime Support

Live Training. Unlimited Support. No Subscriptions.

All of our systems come with live instructor-led training, 24/7 access to our knowledge base, lifetime support, modern software and keypad carrying cases for convenience and storage. It is truly a plug-and-play tool: unpack the clickers, plug in the USB receiver, download the software and you’re ready to go.

Our EZ-VOTE Connect polling software does not need internet connection, ongoing subscription, or service contracts. It will never stop working with your clickers, nor the clickers will stop working because you didn’t pay something.

Can I Use Mobile Devices?

Each of the hardware systems we sell comes with 1 year of free mobile polling via our CloudVOTE service. CloudVOTE lets you use phones, tablets, and computers to respond to questions in conjunction with, or in lieu of dedicated audience response clickers. If you are looking to only use mobile devices as a replacement for dedicated response systems, simply visit our mobile service and subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan.

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