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PowerPoint Polling Plus, Much, Much, More !

Trainers, educators and presenters consistently choose EZ-VOTE Connect, because it is the simplest and most comprehensive, interactive and free audience response software on the market today. The Dashboard allows users to quickly switch from one polling style to the next ensuring the perfect marriage of content and polling methodology. EZ-VOTE Connect provides a variety of electronic polling tools to engage learners, increase content retention, and measure performance.

Audience Response Polling for Every Need

While still popular, PowerPoint is no longer the only game in town. Presenters are increasingly turning to alternative platforms such as Prezi, Google Slides, and other browser-based solutions, as well as video presentations to educate, entertain and engage their participants. EZ-VOTE Connect supports polling across a variety of applications and with a variety of devices to support the growing diversity of today’s presentation tools and internet-connected audiences.

Latest version: 3.0.247

Online Installer (smaller file)

Requires internet connection during the installation (after the download).

Great for one-time use.

Offline Installer (larger file)

Complete package – cca 192MB ZIP file, that (once downloaded) can be installed offline.

Good for IT, or installation on multiple computers.

EZ-VOTE Connect Requirements

Minimum Operating Environment/Prerequisites

  • Windows 10 and higher (32 & 64 Bit)
  • MS Office 2016 and higher (32 & 64 Bit)
  • MS .NET 4.6, MS Installer 5
  • Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 3GHz or better
  • USB Port (2.0 and up)
  • 400MB Installation + Your Data

Other Requirements

  • Compatible with FIPS encryption.
  • Must be able to communicate with our HID USB device (our device has no memory, or auto-run capability).
  • Installation requires one-time/temporary admin privileges, or IT-supervised install.
  • One-time license activation (per computer, per user) requires internet, otherwise the desktop software and hardware work completely offline.

See What's in the New Release!

Latest version is 3.0.247

What’s New:

  1. [General] Support for EZ-VOTE 5S keypads and EXT-S base receivers
  2. [TownVOTE] Improvements (Offline, Hybrid/Online)
    1. New Voting Grid sorting methods
    2. Voting Box background color options
    3. Offline PL search
    4. Fewer exit prompts
    5. Option to stop WebPad from removing the vote (default)
    6. Move finished votes to the bottom of the list
    7. Base Connectivity Indicator in Hybrid Mode
    8. New Participant Moderator role
    9. Focused Selection (Elimination) voting method in Answer Grid

Owner of a 30-keypad EZ-VOTE 5 system

The software has been EXTREMELY easy to use and has helped us engage our staff in mandatory training sessions. PowerPoint presentations are now interactive and sometimes competitive, and the system allows me to see learning gaps I need to address with our employees. I can’t say enough good about this product!

Amber Hauser
Clinical Nurse Educator
Alberta Health Services

EZ-VOTE Connect Dashboard v3.0.265

Choose How to Engage Your Audience

Using an interactive polling app should be easy and intuitive. That’s why the Dashboard gives users the power to select how they want to poll and then quickly guides them to the simplest tool available. Whether it’s polling in PowerPoint, polling over Prezi or video, using mobile devices, playing animated team games, conducting an election or town hall voting event, EZ-VOTE Connect provides a one-stop-shop solution for all your needs.

Powerful PowerPoint Plugin

EZ-VOTE is a free audience response system 100% integrated into Microsoft’s PowerPoint presentation platform. It was designed by the training and education community with a focus on ease of use. Interactive slides can be inserted or converted with a single click of the mouse. Quickly enhance your old and new content with interactive questions. EZ-VOTE works with all 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and 365 versions of Office and is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11.


Voting at Business Meetings

City councils, Massachusetts towns, and student governments save time and money by using electronic voting and eliminating paper ballots, and hand or voice votes. In TownVOTE, our e-voting system, a motion can be created with just a keystroke and voting results are displayed in real time and color-coded for clarity and accuracy.


(No App) Mobile Polling

No app is needed! Use any device with a web browser (phones/tablets or computers) to respond to questions with our CloudVOTE service. EZ-VOTE Connect fully integrates with CloudVOTE, syncing your content to the desktop for offline use, allowing keypad and mobile audiences to respond to content simultaneously, send free-form messages, and push content to mobile devices.


Animated Team Games

The EZ-VOTE Game Suite utilizes popular game show templates (AKA Jeopardy) and animations to quickly create fun and exciting team competitions. All PowerPoint polling tools allow for team scoring, but only Game Suite supplies you with pre-templated game boards, animated graphics, and sound effects to make the game come alive as quickly and simply as possible.


E-Z Anywhere Polling

EZ-VOTE Anywhere – our anywhere polling tool allows users to poll using any application that can run on a desktop or through a browser. EZ-VOTE Anywhere is perfect for creating interactive Prezi presentations, running lessons with Google Slides, or asking questions during a live video presentation. The software simply overlays polling and graph results over the content and graphics displayed by your desktop and takes a screenshot of the background for future reference.


Multi-Site/Hybrid Meetings

EZ-VOTE Connect allows you to “connect” all of your locations and all of your participants to a single polling session, like VA Farm Bureau did. Participants in the room can use keypads, and remote/Zoom users can use mobile devices, or computers to connect to session delivered through our CloudVOTE service. Never before has it been easier to pair remote participants with local participants.


Offline Polling When You Need It

None of our desktop applications require internet connectivity to run. Our session data is aggregated across each of the voting apps and stored locally for easy access. The system is always available, even when connectivity is limited. Our system is guaranteed to perform even when the internet is not.

Cloud Convenience When You Want It

EZ-VOTE Connect integrates seamlessly with our mobile polling platform, CloudVOTE. It allows keypads and mobile devices to be used simultaneously.  Local reports can be synced with the cloud and polling content centrally stored online and pushed down to individual polling locations.

Our Software Guarantee

We are not turning our backs on you.

No subscription is needed for our desktop software and hardware to work. Just activate your license to disable the Demo Mode.

After the first year, security updates, software upgrades, technical support and training, along with CloudVOTE remote/hybrid voting services and content management will expire.

Our desktop software does not need Internet for the clickers to function.
It’s a security thing.

It is not limited by a seat license. You can share the installer and your login with any number of people. Install it on any number of computers.

After activation, any compatible audience response keypad will work with the desktop polling software. You will always be able to use the hardware once you’ve purchased it, regardless of your account status.

EZ-VOTE Connect is Simply Better

  • No Subscription Needed

  • No Internet Required

  • No Seat License

  • Suite of Polling Apps for Any Use Case

  • Live (Zoom) Support & Training

Support & Training

We take our relationships with clients personally. U.S.-based training and technical support comes standard. From training videos, to live one-on-one training and vast knowledge base, you will start using EZ-VOTE Connect as a pro in no time!
We will never leave you hanging – we’re here to answer any questions from the day your system is delivered to decades after your first interaction. With nearly 50 years of experience under our belt, we plan on servicing our clients for at least another 50. Drop us an email, contact us on Twitter or call us for an advice or tips on how make your next meeting fun and interactive.

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