Electronic Delegate Voting

Governments around the world save time and money by automating their electronic delegate voting process. Paper ballots and paper records are easily eliminated by using voting devices and standardized reports. TownVOTE is an e-voting app where you write the motion that you need to vote on, and start polling the audience. Clear displayed, color-coded results will be saved as a permanent electronic voting record.

Automated Polling System

Municipalities, city councils, and student senates can now collect and store voting results electronically with automated polling system. Any meeting instantly becomes shorter, less cluttered and more efficient. TownVOTE allows a clean, clearly visible grid of voters to be displayed in front of every audience member to provide transparency in electronic delegate voting.

Hide the real-time results to prevent "herd mentality" - voting for the most/least popular agenda item.

Electronic Voting Devices

“Clickers” or “keypads” are wireless electronic voting devices that collect votes in a matter of seconds. You can also choose to use a cloud-based electronic voting system. Voting equipment with displays provides increased voter confidence, while display-less voting devices are a great budget option.

Customize your clickers to promote your brand, or to streamline and simplify the voting process.

House of Representatives - Committee on Natural Resources Custom Response Keypad
Custom voting keypad by U.S. House of Representatives
EZ-VOTE 5 electronic voting system
Electronic delegate voting system with carrying case, base receiver and clickers

Electronic Delegate Voting Features

TownVOTE is easy to learn, but even easier to operate. It only takes one key and basic typing skills to get the first motion on the screen. Once the results are locked-in, toggle between absolute votes and percentages with just a keystroke. Similarly, adjust your e-voting grid on the fly and show as much information as you see fit. You can also take attendance sign-in from minutes to seconds, by using TownVOTE as an electronic roll call software.

Percentage vs. Absolute View

Shown results in percentage or absolute votes with just a keystroke.

You can show the results in percentage or absolute number of votes.

Speakers Queue

Vote “1” to speak For or “2” to speak Against an issue.

Audience can 'raise a hand' to speak For or Against the issue.

Roll Call Check-In

Use TownVOTE as your electronic roll call check-in software system

Show the results in percentage or absolute number of votes with just a keystroke.

Participant List

Restrict and protect your delegates’ voting rights by using a Participant List.

Create a participant list manually, or import one from CSV format.
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Give it a try. It’s free and no signup is required.


Student Senate Voting

TownVOTE helps senate and parliament bodies process the election results efficiently by using an electronic audience response system. TownVOTE is an e-voting system that allows adding motions and addenda to the meeting instantly, while keeping an electronic record of every clicker on aggregate and individual level.

Voting grid dynamically adjusts to the actual number of voters.

Board Member Elections

Board meetings benefit from TownVOTE’s electronic record-keeping and integration with audience response keypads (clickers) by providing a real-time e-voting grid. You can quickly add on-the-fly questions, remarks, addenda and motions to be voted on. All records are available immediately after the session is closed.

TownVOTE provides a visual record of every vote. Click for larger image.

Complete Voting Transparency

Since the biggest benefit of electronic voting is a permanent record of who voted and how, TownVOTE provides an immediate insight by taking a snapshot of the ‘voting grid’ for each screen/page of participant’s clickers.

Identified Voting - Instant Vote Pass Fail Summary
TownVOTE can provide a visual record of every individual's vote if needed. Results can be shown in real time, or after the vote is closed.