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Increasing Security, Accuracy, and Accountability of Electronic Voting Systems

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Audience Response Clickers

Group response systems are integral to modern classrooms, corporate training, and live events. Electronic response systems increase student content retention, improve participant engagement by promoting interactivity, and reinforce the correct answers. Instructors utilize wireless audience response clickers or smartphones and tablets to communicate with learners and collect feedback on questions throughout a class, training or symposium. Student response system is a perfect tool to ask for candid and anonymous feedback from participants when reviewing the most sensitive of subjects.

Our software and hardware also integrates with the CloudVOTE Learning Content Management System, which you can connect to your own LMS, if needed.

Electronic Voting Systems

Electronic voting systems improve and accelerate collecting votes from your electorate or representatives in a city council or student senate meeting. You’ll also be able to automate results reporting and with anonymous feedback, encourage honest answers.

By combining voting clickers with advanced election software, you can quickly collect and aggregate responses, Pass/Reject motions and provide detailed participant reports for complete voter transparency. Our system allows for simple majority voting, weighted voting, proxy voting, and can be customized for specific voting workflows. To learn more about how your city council, board or student senate can benefit from an electronic voting system give us a call today.

Who We Are

Meridia helps trainers, educators and speakers adopt and integrate interactive audience response systems into their presentations, training content, and lesson plans. Leading the field since 1970, we focus on interactive solutions that help engage participants, increase knowledge retention, and automate data collection. We make group interaction SIMPLE, technology INTUITIVE, and software EASY. All of our products can be quickly customized to fit your needs. Before your next interaction give us a call to take advantage of our years of experience, cutting-edge technology, and custom development.

Fun Facts

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    We work with 95% of America’s Fortune 500 companies
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    We have the largest audience response rental inventory in the U.S.
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    100% of the nation’s pharmaceutical companies own a Meridia system
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    We have worked on every continent minus the Arctics, of course
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    Meridia provided over 1,100,000 keypads worldwide and counting…
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    We love to customize our solutions to match your workflow

How Others Use Audience Response

Audience response has been assisting a wide array of industries and government bodies. Educators use it in classrooms as “student response systems” for testing and knowledge assessment. Student and municipal governments, associations use it to elect their officials, and corporate trainers use classroom performance systems to stage interactive meeting games, and to educate on new products.

Best Audience Response System

How do you define the best audience response system? Your needs are different from the next person, so you’ll have a different take on what’s good for you. We like to say that the best audience response system is the one that most closely matches your needs and workflow. We would like the opportunity to help you define that, customize it and pick the technology that’s right for you.