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Software Icon EZ Button No BackgroundOur audience response software is simple, easy to use, and purposed to achieve your specific goals. We offer PowerPoint integration, electronic voting tools, gaming applications, and even mobile solutions for tablets and smartphones. No matter what your interactive need may be we have a solution ready to go or the developers on staff to offer you a custom solution.

Poll in PowerPoint


EZ-VOTE - Audience Response Software for PowerPointEZ-VOTE is the easiest, 100% PowerPoint polling software on the market today. Why? Because it allows you to insert an interactive question with a SINGLE click of the mouse.

Designed by the training and education community for the training and education community, EZ-VOTE enables users of any generation and with any level of technology prowess to quickly and intuitively convert PowerPoint slides into interactive polling slides with the press of a button.


  • 100% PowerPoint Integration
  • Simple and Intuitive Operation
  • 1-Click Slide Integration
  • Word & Excel Reporting
  • No Software Seat Licenses
  • Free to Download and Try
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Poll Without Preparation


EZ-PRESENTER for PowerPoint FilesEZ-PRESENTER is a software with a 60-second learning curve for users who don’t create PowerPoint presentations, but are tasked to operate them.

To make a PowerPoint file interactive using EZ-PRESENTER, a user simply needs to run the program and open the PowerPoint file they wish to use. The app then controls the slides using the exact navigation created by PowerPoint and activates polling using the number keys on the keyboard.


  • Use Existing PPT Files for Text and Graphics
  • Keyboard-Driven Interface
  • Word & Excel Reporting
  • No Software Seat Licenses
  • Free to Download
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Poll in Every Application


EZ-POLLIT-iconEZ-POLL-IT is an audience response software that enables polling to take place on any application. Quite literally, if you can see it on your screen, you can poll-it.


  • Make Any Content Interactive: PowerPoint, Prezi, PDF, and Even Video
  • Works With any Application Running in the Background
  • Mouse Driven Interface
  • Word & Excel Reporting
  • No Software Seat Licenses
  • Free to Download
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Delegate and Shareholder Voting


EZ-ELECTIONS PowerPoint voting softwareMeridia’s EZ-ELECTIONS turns PowerPoint into a comprehensive interactive elections tool. It is 100% integrated into PowerPoint and thus intuitive enough to turn standard slides into voting slides with a click of the mouse.

EZ-ELECTIONS’ strength is its ability to customize individual votes or entire elections to the specific rules and bylaws of your organization.


  • Apply “Weight” to the Responses of Individual Voters
  • Maximize or Restrict the Number of Votes per Attendee per Voting Motion
  • Maximize or Restrict the Number of Votes per Group per Voting Motion
  • Restrict or Allow Multiple Votes for a Single Candidate
  • Require a Set Number of Votes per Voting Motion
  • Vote on up to 30 “Items/Candidates” at a Time
  • Allow/Block Voters to Change Their Mind and Revote

Council Electronic Voting System


TownVOTE council electronic voting  systemMeridia’s TOWNVOTE is an electronic council voting tool designed to help organizations move away from paper ballots as a mean of consensus.

This easy tool tabulates and publicly displays votes from individual representatives using handheld wireless keypads. The audience can clearly see who was voting and how. Motions and amendments can be added at any time with just seconds notice. Feel free to demo the software by downloading it from our AppCenter (click on the Download button below).


  • Use Excel File to Import Participant List
  • Simple and Easy to Read User Interface
  • Keyboard Navigation and Near Instant Adding of Amendments and Motions
  • Word & Excel Reporting
  • No Software Seat Licenses
  • Free to Download
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EZ-TRIVIA Interactive Meeting Game SoftwareEZ-TRIVIA is a linear, team-based trivia game that is very easy to set up, customized and can be re-played within seconds.

Designed to be simple, yet very customizable, EZ-TRIVIA will fit any budget and any meeting. Create the content in PowerPoint, make it look pretty, set up your teams and “go with the flow.”

EZ-TRIVIA enables you to:

  • Create Friendly Competitiveness
  • Engage Your Audience with Graphics and Video Effects
  • Produce Rich Word & Excel Reporting
  • Let Fun Into a Stale Meeting
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EZ-SCHOLAR Audience Response Team Meeting GameEZ-SCHOLAR is a team-based game similar to the popular TV show “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth-Grader?” Create your own game easily from your PowerPoint presentation and see if your audience is in fact “at home” in the classroom.

EZ-SCHOLAR lets you:

  • Create a Fun Experience for Your Audience
  • Increase Retention of the Material You’re Presenting
  • Make the Learning More Competitive
  • Report on Collected Data in Word & Excel Format
  • Create a Game in 5 Minutes
  • Report on Collected Data in Word & Excel Format
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EZ-CATEGORIES Audience Response  Jeopardy Meeting GameOur EZ-CATEGORIES interactive meeting game is similar to the well-known TV show, Jeopardy. Providing you with complete control over the content, it lets you construct and play a game within minutes.
The simplicity of the setup and even faster “zero-to-play” time for those who will be tasked to operate the game makes it a perfect companion to your training, or sales meeting.

With EZ-CATEGORIES, you can:

  • Create a Game in 5 Minutes
  • Play an Existing Game in 15 Seconds
  • Create up to Ten (10) Teams
  • Engage Your Audience on a Different Level
  • Show a Correct Answer
  • Report on Collected Data in Word & Excel Format
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Smartphone Mobile Polling App For Your Audience


CloudVOTE Mobile Polling App for Smartphones and TabletsMeridia’s CloudVOTE service allows users to poll an audience using any smartphone, tablet, or PC. The process is simple and polling can be conducted while using PowerPoint, or any other application with presentation content.

To use Meridia’s CloudVOTE service, a presenter:

  • Acquires a CloudVOTE Subscription
  • Logs Into Their CloudVOTE Account
  • Invites Participants by Sending an Email or Verbally Giving Instructions
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Meridia Custom Development Labs


At Meridia, we strive to meet as many needs of our clients as possible with what we already offer as a finished product. However, sometimes to satisfy them, we need to customize the standard applications a little bit here and there and sometimes, we get requests for a complete rewrite for particular workflow and functionality requirements.

One of the last requests was a cloud-based content management software that allowed for offline use of the presentations that were centrally uploaded and managed in our cloud content storage. Yet, the software had to be ‘click-simple’ which means that as soon as the user inserts the USB receiver into the computer, they just need to click to navigate through the presentation without any other distractions, so that they can focus on their content delivery at the doctors’ offices.

That said, we welcome YOUR challenge and are willing to listen to and work on your requests for custom software development. As well, visit our Development Garage page to see what’s cooking behind the scenes and how we’re planning on implementing the hottest interactive technology into your next meeting, event, or training session.

Custom Interactive Software Development