Who Uses Audience Response Systems

How to Use Audience Response Systems

No matter how you use audience response, the great thing is that each bit of feedback leads to learning, increased interactivity and understanding, and reportable data points.
Let’s take a look at some of the examples of our customers who solved their problems by using a group response technology.

K-12 & Higher Education

The education community calls them a classroom performance system (CPS), but in the end, the ‘clickers’ help make quizzes a breeze by eliciting real-time feedback from the students much more quickly and effectively than a pencil and pen ever could.
An English teacher in California teaches Chinese kids the language with the help of a fun trivia game, so that they remember the words longer and she can do classroom performance assessments automatically and quickly.

Identified Voting - Instant Vote Pass Fail Summary

City, Student and Other Governments

Government bodies, fraternities, and trade associations use electronic polling devices as a live voting tool in their elections and meetings to pick their best candidates and quickly come to consensus on key issues.
Global charitable organization has used our electronic polling system since 2011 to ensure vote transparency, accuracy, and to build trust and confidence at their international elections.

Meetings & Events

The meeting industry uses a combination of mobile polling apps and audience response clickers to engage with the audience and make them part of the event. It could be a trade show booth trivia game, or electronic pre- and post-event feedback collection, or you can play fun and competitive trivia meeting games.
A production company we work with embeds a mobile app with texting into their meeting, so that their attendees remember them, their brand, and the experience they gave them.

Corporate & Safety Training and Compliance

Corporate trainers and safety professionals use audience response keypads as a crucial component of their learning and education initiatives. Be it new hire training, safety training, or regulatory compliance, the electronic way of gathering feedback and testing is much faster, accurate and reliable.
One of our clients, a food manufacturer, does safety training with keypads because they needed a streamlined way to collect all test results and push them to their LMS system. We customized our software for them, so that their trainers can get large number of trainees through the doors and do their required coursework in record times.

Market Research & Surveys

The research industry uses the audience response clickers as a market research tool to survey participants on new products, services and advertisements. Groups large and small, can give feedback in a matter of seconds and have a report available in the next minute.
One of our jury research clients makes a great use of the system when they stage mock jury trials. They superimpose the real-time feedback from the audience on the video feed of the counsel during legal pleadings or closing statements.