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Meridia Software Development Kit (SDK) Information & Licensing Instructions

Build your own audience polling, or electronic voting application.

Meridia supports its partners and provides a comprehensive SDK, so that you can build a customized solution that meets your needs.

Basic Information

Download the SDK here: and learn more from our documentation here:

You can build your entire application and test it with our Demo Kit with up to 20 keypads. Fill out a Demo Kit request form and send it to to be processed.

If you decide that you want to move forward, please pay $1,500 for the Annual Developer License and we’ll send you a license file that you can use to deactivate the Demo Mode.

The license does not automatically renew. Please contact to renew manually. We ask that you allow at least 5 days prior to license expiration to be able to process the renewal without disruption to your voting app.


Before we get into details, here are some assumptions:

  • You have already used MERIDIA Test App and verified some of the functionality of MERIDIA SDK
  • You have successfully integrated MERIDIA SDK with your test/actual app

Developers need to be using API v4.1.0.0. To take your app out of Demo Mode, you must request a license file from Meridia Support. After receiving the payment, we will send you a “MeridiaApi.lic” file.

Place it in development directly alongside of “MeridiaAPIWrapper”. Additionally, please keep in mind the following:

  • In development, please make sure to place license file in your bin/debug or release folder alongside of “MeridiaAPIWrapper.dll”
  • For redistribution, you need make sure license file should be placed in your application installation directory alongside the “MeridiaAPIWrapper.dll”