Government Electronic Voting

Government electronic voting systems are used across the branches of national, state and local government, regional municipalities, and all four branches of the United States Military.
All users have one thing in common – their goal is to make their votes count; each time, every time! With the help of voting devices – also called audience response keypads – and electronic voting software, they can achieve complete vote transparency and increase accountability of the elected officials.
Many other applications of the electronic voting system – a.k.a. audience response system include measurement of knowledge retention, increasing interactivity in meetings/training sessions, electronic testing and compliance and many more.
This page provides information about our TownVOTE voting software which allows for a “simple majority”, Yes/No/Abstain voting in a simple, visual and easy-to-understand format.
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Board Meetings. Townhall Sessions. Speakers Queue.

Our TownVOTE polling app can help you in any of the above scenarios, while also enabling near-instant vote confirmation for each participant.
TownVOTE requires the operator to create or import a Participant List that ensures that only the registered/allowed participants can cast their vote. It also provides immediate feedback on how each voter responded on a given topic.
Topics can be pre-defined (entered ahead of time) or entered ad-hoc, as the amendments come up for discussion from the floor.
If a public hearing or discussion is needed, your audience can ‘raise a hand’ and register to speak For or Against in our Speakers Queue.

Identified Voting - Instant Vote Pass Fail Summary
TownVOTE can provide a visual record of every individual's vote if needed. Results can be shown in real time, or after the vote is closed.

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U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Natural Resources

Electronic Voting Applications

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    Employee Training
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    Legislative Voting
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    Political Conventions
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    Town Hall Meetings
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    Promotion Decisions Tool
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    Issue-centric Summits
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    Annual Events

System for Award Management (SAM) Commercial And Government Entity
(CAGE) Code: 3BE54 (link to SAM page)

Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS)
D&B Code: 057159360 (link to DUNS page)

Coin-Cell Batteries
(6-12 mo life)
Coin-Cell Batteries
(6-12 mo life)
AAA Batteries
(up to 4 year life)
AAA Batteries
(up to 4 year life)
5 voting buttons
10 voting buttons
10 voting buttons
13 voting buttons

Electronic Voting Keypads

Meridia offers four types of electronic voting keypads. With each of them, the participants can respond to your motions, amendments or any other interaction with a simple push of a button, and get a clear vote confirmation each time.
Depending on your needs and budget, you can decide based on size, battery life, or the size of the display and many other factors.
You can even customize them to match your brand, school colors, or company mascot.