Benefits of Using Audience Response Systems

Audience response systems can help make your next business meeting more interactive and engaging, keep it on track, evaluate the results and keep a record of the discussion.

  • Conduct Industry Analysis

  • Assess Profit Prospects

  • Analyze Company Resources

  • Identify Competitive Advantages

  • Formulate Corporate Strategy

  • Prioritize Company Issues

  • Address Key Concerns

  • Evaluate Brand Recognition

Insightful, Candid Feedback


Gather together the departmental and division managers and see what’s on their minds with total anonymity. Conduct a survey to assess profit prospects, analyze your company’s resources and capabilities, and identify the nature and sources of competitive advantages. With individual keypads, the audience is able to respond candidly, enabling you to get honest feedback about the direction of the company and the formulation of the corporate strategy.

Promote Discussion


We ensure that you get the most from your meeting. After speaking about your issues, have an open forum on selected topics. Impromptu questions generated through the audience response system promote open discussions, enhance communication, and give a clear understanding of the corporate mission to everyone participating at the meeting. Furthermore, review the presentation itself. Get feedback from your audience and fine-tune the presentation for future meetings.

Maintain Your Edge


With emerging technologies and new industries, globalization is taking place at a rapid pace. Corporate plans must be revised more often and strategic planning sessions must occur more frequently. Meridia provides immediate results to your questions at the meeting site, which enables you to react faster and keep pace in today’s marketplace. In addition, you get hard copy results to take back with you to the office for further analyses

Interactive Feedback Options

Audience Response Keypads

Choose wireless clickers, when you don’t want your staff to be distracted by their phones, or tablets. Our keypads are straightforward and easy to use – press a single button and your vote is in!
Make a selection based on size, battery type, display size, and voting options. Request a quote today!

Coin-Cell Batteries
(6-12 mo life)
Coin-Cell Batteries
(6-12 mo life)
AAA Batteries
(up to 4 year life)
AAA Batteries
(up to 4 year life)
5 voting buttons
10 voting buttons
10 voting buttons
13 voting buttons

Mobile Polling App

Even a light-weight polling makes the meeting more memorable and provides an electronic record of the agenda and answers given in the interactive polls.
With our CloudVOTE mobile polling app, you can design your slideshow in PowerPoint and in minutes, using any device with a web browser (no app to download) start an interactive polling session where anyone can join using their phones, tablets, or computers.