Are All of Our Senior Managers on the Same Page?

Are All of Our Senior Managers on the Same Page?

Meridia Audience Response was asked to provide the audience response system during a Senior Management Conference conducted by a major publishing company. This five-day summit of Corporate Presidents and CEO’s was held to make sure all the companies were heading in the same direction with a clear understanding of the parent company goals. The Meridia system allowed every member of the audience to actively participate in the meeting by using the wireless keypads to voice their opinions regarding company policy.

Active Participation = Voicing Opinions

During the meeting, the chairman asked questions related to the core values of the parent company. The audience responded to the questions using the keypads.

The results, however, unexpectedly indicated that the corporate presidents were having difficulty explaining the core values. Therefore, the more difficult issues were examined in further detail on the spot. Then, before the meeting was adjourned, the chairman once again used the Meridia Audience Response system to confirm that everyone knew the core values. As a result, the company was able to overcome obstacles they didn’t even know existed.