EZ-VOTE Connect | Multi-Site Polling

Multi-Site Mobile Polling

Our CloudVOTE service enhances EZ-VOTE Connect, allowing multiple locations to participate in a single polling session as if all of your participants were in the same room. Participants can use keypads, mobile devices, or computers to answer questions and view online content. Never before has it been easier to pair remote and local participants. CloudVOTE makes it simple to present identical content to 50 classrooms in the same building or 1,000’s of attendees across the globe.

One Instructor. Multiple Classrooms.

Our Multi-Site polling feature allows organizations to centralize instruction.  Easily connect rooms in your building, campus, or even cities across the state or country to the same interactive polling session. The same software you use for “offline” audience response polling allows you to connect the keypads and other mobile devices and gather feedback from everyone at once. Instantly.  With CloudVOTE a single instructor can present to multiple locations simultaneously and collect feedback from each location via Audience Response Keypads or Mobile Devices.

Give it a try. It’s free and no signup is required.

Powerful, Offline and Online Reporting

While your desktop app allows you to export data directly into Excel, online reports are also available immediately after each multi-site mobile polling session. Just log into your CloudVOTE account and access any of the available reports.
They are available in PDF, Word, Excel or CSV format, as well as in printable/on-screen layout.

Interactive Broadcasted Events

Add instant interactivity to dinner meetings, small group seminars, medical presentations, or your company-wide training. Multisite polling only needs an internet connection, physical or web-keypads and your broadcast or webcast meeting immediately becomes more fun and memorable.
We’ll work with your broadcast provider to ‘connect all the dots’ and make it a seamless, painless experience.