Interactive Technology for Healthcare

Outcome Measurement, CME Accreditation

  • Grand Rounds
  • Continued Medical Education
  • Outcomes Measurement
  • CME Accreditation Reporting
  • Interactive Medical Symposia
  • Department & Employee Training
  • Patient Evaluation
  • Community Outreach Programs

Meridia’s audience response systems and services are utilized by the healthcare community on a daily basis to train, educate, evaluate, measure, and document live programs and events. The Meridia system allows educators, trainers, CME coordinators , department heads, and technology teams to incorporate real-time opinion polling, analysis, and reporting into medical symposia, grand rounds, CME courses, management meetings, and employee training.

Meridia’s solutions are proven to increase audience involvement, boost content retention and greatly simplify the process of documenting attendance and outcomes for certification and audit requirements within the healthcare world.