EZ-VOTE was our initial release of the easy-to-use PowerPoint add-in that allows the designer to insert ARS audience polling slides anywhere into their presentations with just a single click.

While designing the slides, the audience response elements can be formatted and edited to match the theme and overall look and feel of the original presentation. Existing slides can be converted to ARS polling slides with a single click.

In Presentation Mode, audience can vote at any time the question is displayed and the presenter has full control over when the polling starts and ends and many other aspects of the presentation flow.

Polling results can be displayed immediately, with delay or hidden from the audience completely, if desired. Reports in the most popular formats (Excel, Word, etc…) can be generated instantly after the polling and slideshow has ended with just a click of a button.

In v2 of EZ-VOTE app, we have added support for new keypads, many new features and made it compatible with the newest versions of MS Office.

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