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EZ-VOTE v2.0 b61
Windows desktop app & PowerPoint add-in.

AppCenter License Activation

AppCenter License Activation
MiniBase Receiver activation and license renewal.

Merge Tool

EZ-VOTE 1 & 2 Session Merge Tool (SMT) v1.4.9
Windows desktop app for merging EZ-VOTE “Results by Question” reports.
In the EZ-VOTE Reports menu, select the “Results by Question” from the drop-down and after it is generated, save it with a unique file name. Repeat the process for all presentations you would like to merge the results from into a single report.
Remember, only use the “Results by Question” report.

Official Check-6 Template (2016)

After clicking on the template link, select “Save File” to save the template in Microsoft PowerPoint Template format (.potx). If the file is opened in PowerPoint, it will create a presentation (.pptx) instead of saving the template.
Official Check-6 EZ-VOTE2 Template (4×3)
POTX PowerPoint Template
Official Check-6 EZ-VOTE2 Template (16×9)
Widescreen POTX PowerPoint Template

Self-Help Resources

Knowledge Base

Meridia Knowledge Base
Searchable database of solutions to Instant Insight problems and issues.

User Guide

EZ-VOTE2 User Guide
Full version of the User Guide in PDF format.

I2 System Graphics Info

I2 System Graphics Setting Recommendations
PDF document with best practices for setting up the Dell XPS 13 for I2 use.

Fix a Broken Slide

How to Fix a Broken Slide
Windows Media File (WMV) Video.


EZ-VOTE2 Training Video Playlist

EZ-VOTE2 Training Video Playlist
Set of instructional videos that cover specific EZ-VOTE functions.

EZ-VOTE2 Complete Training Video

EZ-VOTE2 Complete Training
Single video covering the entire training process (cca 50 minutes)

EZ-VOTE1 to EZ-VOTE2 Conversion

EZ-VOTE1 to EZ-VOTE2 Conversion
Short video that demonstrates how to convert EZ-VOTE1 presentation to EZ-VOTE2 format in a few steps.

Copy & Paste with Notepad

Copy Content from/to Presentations Using Notepad
Short video on how to properly copy content from one presentation to another while preserving ARS functionality.