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Our audience response software is simple, easy to use, and purposed to achieve your specific goals. We offer PowerPoint Integration, Electronic Voting Tools, Gaming applications, and even mobile solutions for tablets and Smartphones. No matter what your interactive need may be we have a solution ready to go or the developers on staff to offer you a custom solution.

Poll in PowerPoint


EZ-VOTE is truly the easiest, 100% PowerPoint polling software on the market today. Why? Because it is the only app that allows you to insert an interactive question with a SINGLE click of the mouse.

Poll Without Preparation


EZ-PRESENTER is a software with a 60 second learning curve that was designed for users who don’t create PowerPoint presentations but are tasked to operate them. Meridia’s EZ-PRESENTER software opens and runs a standard PowerPoint file and with ZERO changes to the presentation or individual slides, enables the entire presentation to be interactive.

Poll in Every Application


EZ-POLL-IT is an audience response software that enables polling to take place on any application. Quite literally, if you can see it on your computer you can poll-it.

Delegate and Shareholder Voting


Meridia's EZ-ELECTIONSturns Microsoft PowerPoint into a comprehensive voting tool. EZ-ELECTIONS is 100% integrated into PowerPoint and thus intuitive enough to turn standard slides into voting slides with a click of the mouse.

Council & Association Electronic Voting System


Meridia's TOWNVOTE is an electronic council voting tool designed to help organizations move away from paper ballots as a mean of consensus.


EZ-TRIVIA is a linear, team-based trivia game that is very easy to set up, customized and can be re-played within seconds.


EZ-SCHOLAR is a team-based game similar to the popular TV show "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth-Grader?" Create your own game easily from your PowerPoint presentation and see if your audience is in fact "at home" in the classroom.


Our EZ-CATEGORIES interactive meeting game is similar to the well-known TV show, Jeopardy. Providing you with complete control over the content, it lets you construct and play a game within minutes.

Smartphone Mobile Polling App For Your Audience


Meridia’s CloudVOTE service allows users to poll an audience using any cellphone, tablet, or PC. The process is simple and polling can be conducted while using PowerPoint, or any other application with presentation content.