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Our Products & Services

We provide electronic voting systems, town and council meeting voting systems, audience response systems, and training/classroom response systems.

Clients can hire us to provide a professional on-site support with a dedicated system operator, or they can operate the system on their own.

Electronic Voting System

See how a secure, proprietary electronic voting systems help speed up, simplify, and document business, council and town, board, and other small government meetings.

TownVOTE Meeting Software

TownVOTE software allows the votes from your constituents to be either fully transparent, or completely anonymous. The voting results are shown clearly and instantly after the vote is closed.

Professional On-Site Assistance

Meridia can provide a professional, dedicated on-site operator to make sure that your voting event goes off smoothly and so you can focus on your own responsibilities.


See what others are saying and how they are using their audience response system.


Since 1970, we have been helping 1,000s of organizations enhance their learning initiatives, document training outcomes, and streamline voting. Let us help you!