Audience Response Technology Ensures Voting Security

Electronic Voting System Security

Every day, the news provides more reasons to be concerned about the concept of electronic voting. Whether it’s because of accusations of the U.S. election system being hacked by foreign powers or a general distrust for a system that leaves no paper trail, many people are more suspicious of computerized voting now than they ever have been.

The 5 Ingredients of a Successful Employee Training

How to Execute an Effective Training Event If you’re one of the people who already understand the importance of training your employees, we bet you’ve already done research on the best ways to hold an effective training. How about an article full of the 5 must-do’s during a training? Visual Aids You can never go ... Read more

Is Our Sales Team Ready?

Group Response Keypads used in Sales Meeting

When a major company launched their new nasal steroid, they asked Meridia Audience Response to provide a method to determine if their sales force possessed the appropriate product knowledge before they got in front of a physician. We suggested that during their upcoming national sales meeting, they conduct a team competition using the Meridia Audience … Read more

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