Whether it’s a HOA, labor union, or another association meeting, using wireless group response keypads, helps measure the level of involvement, achieve fast consensus, and quickly vote on important issues. Below is a summary of all the benefits audience response clickers can have at your event.

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    Gain and Retain Membership
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    Streamline Membership Elections
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    Real-time, Anonymous Polling
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    Analyze Industry Trends
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    Facilitate Group Decision-Making
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    Sponsorship Opportunity
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    Promote Interactive Discussion
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    Replace Paper Surveys
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    Gauge Content Relevance
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    Increase Event Interactivity

Enhance Sponsorship Value

We offer sponsorship opportunities that allow your sponsor’s logo to appear in the hands of everyone in the audience. The logo is put right onto each wireless keypad and is seen during every question. It’s like having a thousand personal billboards! Also, the logo can be put onto the display screen alongside the results for maximum exposure.

This is not just an opportunity for your sponsors, but also for you. Using our system with your sponsors can actually generate revenue for you. Imagine making money while increasing the value to your sponsors and members!

Streamline Membership Elections

Eliminate the time-consuming element with sophisticated electronic election tools by collecting votes instantly from the audience.

Show the office and leading candidates on the screen and let the audience select the person they would like to nominate. Our audience response system will collect the votes and (optionally) display the winning candidate.

And, you can even use the system to narrow down a long list of potential candidates. In a few rounds of voting, you can quickly reduce the number of candidates to a final vote, and end up with the name of the elected person in no time at all!

Improve Survey Results

Frustrated from the low return on your pre-event paper surveys? Worried about basing decisions on such a small response?

Now you can finally collect information representing a large portion of the audience. Using our audience response system you can see exactly how many people are answering your questions, allowing you to control the percent of return up to and including 100% of the audience!

Take full advantage of your captive audience and get the information you need while they’re still in their seats!

Increase Membership Value

One of the most valuable benefits of using an association group response system is increased audience participation. Participants are quick to recognize the value of the system collecting their opinions. Finally, they have a way to respond to issues and topics raised during the meeting and know that their voice will be heard.

Instant on-screen graphics provides not only satisfaction but also a permanent visual record of the vote that took place. Our electronic voting software – TownVOTE allows for complete transparency on how the audience votes.

Measure Your ROI

Just like any other organization, yours is concerned with the return-on-investment. How much are your meetings helping the organization? How much are they helping the members? How valuable are they to each member in terms of content, exchange or education?

There is no better method of ensuring that the audience is hearing what they came to hear than to ask them! During the meeting, you can use the audience response system to drive the agenda. Ask them which topic they’d like to cover next! Ask them if they fully comprehend the issues being presented. What needs more explanation? What can be skipped?

Provide Interaction

Used in your general session and/or your break-out sessions, our audience response system allows the meeting presenters and guest speakers to interact with and engage the audience during their meetings.

They can ask questions and respond to “real life” information collected on the spot, ensuring that the presentation addresses the individual and unique needs of the audience, an element which changes from meeting to meeting.

And, there is no better way for the audience to communicate with the presenter’s findings and presentation than through two-way, instant feedback.

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