Why Meridia
  • Servicing the event and training needs of 95% of America's Fortune 500
  • Advancing audience response technology since 1970
  • Outfitting events big and small with the largest ARS rental inventory in the world
  • 100% of the nation's top pharmaceutical companies own a Meridia system
  • Guaranteed results, easy operation, 100% accurate data

The Audience Response Pros

Meridia provides audience response systems for sale and event rental solutions for organizations looking to add technology, interactivity and measurement to live events and training. Exceeding user expectations since 1970, our technology is simple to use, cost effective, and guarantees positive results. Whether you’re looking for response systems for purchase, rental or staffed professional service, we have an option that will fit your budget and match your unique goals and objectives.

Customer testimonials

  • Meridia's technology is both easy to install and easy to use. I am extremely happy not only with the simplicity of the system but also with the quality of the handsets.

    (University of Hawaii)
  • The Meridia response system has been a huge hit in my trainings and client meetings. I use it to ensure that the content is interactive, and the great thing about it is that it encourages discussion

  • On behalf of ASTD, I would like to thank Meridia for all your help in making our Champions of Learning event a success. The Meridia devices added the interactivity and reporting that our group require

  • I want to thank Meridia for its quality product. We looked at all the audience response systems on the market and by far Meridia was the clear choice. It has allowed use to meet all the CME guidelines

    (Kaiser Permanente)
  • Meridia did a great job at our Family Feud Safety Forum. They were willing to help us by working with the AV team and all of our project coordinators to make sure everything ran perfectly.

  • Just wanted to let you know that the kick-off event was a great success! The audience response system worked really well for us and we received a lot of very positive feedback from attendees.

  • The brand launch was a tremendous success due in no small part to Meridia, who did an outstanding job from start to finish. The audience loved the technology and we really benefited from the data.

    (Johnson & Johnson)

How Audience Response Systems improve trainings and live events

Confirm Audience's Understanding

Audience Response Systems generate  responses to questions asked during a presentation. The audience response results collected and displayed allow a speaker to see if the listeners understand what is being presented. The speaker can then move forward confident that everyone is keeping up. If the responses indicate that the audience is confused, the speaker can explain the material in a different way before moving on.

Create a Fun Learning Environment

Through the use of audience response meeting games you can create a fun environment, while the group is learning at the same time. Games for meetings are a great way to break up a session and get people to relax. Audience Response System games  are perfect for sales meetings, intermissions, and corporate training

Obtain Group Buy-In

By using audience response systems, everyone takes part in the voting. When consensus is gained, there is a better group buy-in because they witnessed the progression to that consensus.

Identify Gathered Data

Whenever necessary, audience response keypad’s unique ID allows you to cross-reference each participant’s answers, which makes it easy to speed up session, speaker and event assessments and evaluations.

Anonymous Polling

There are many people who do not want to publicly share their opinions. If that’s your requirement, audience response systems allow audience members to express their opinion without revealing their identity. The anonymity of Audience Response Systems make them the perfect tool for voting, discussing sensitive issues, and decision making

Speed Up Voting Sessions

Audience polling systems allow organizations to move through voting sessions quickly. Putting audience response keypads in each voter's hands does away with time-consuming paper ballot counting. In some cases, due to quick vote turnaround, savings of over $30,000 were reported as a result of shortening the event and cutting the overall costs

Speed Up the Decision Making Process

When there is instant access to polling data, decisions can be made fast. Organizations that have used an Audience Response System have reduced their group decision sessions by two thirds because there is no need to wait for paper data analysis. Audience response software does the calculation instantly.

Improve Attentiveness

Participants are more likely to remain attentive when audience response keypads are used in the presentation. Through interactive polling, the audiences become more involved and interested.

Increase Retention of Information Presented

During the typical meeting or training session, only a small amount of information will be retained. Audience response systems create an active learning environment which has been proven in university studies to significantly increase the retention of the material presented.